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The Secret Pages of Autoresponders?
« on: December 10, 2020, 04:35:20 am »
 The Secret Pages of Autoresponders?
 People love to have access to things that other
 people can’t get. It makes them feel special, and it
 is a marketing tactic that really works. Granting
 access to secret pages works well on the Internet.
 It works best when it is limited. For instance, you
 can grant access to only a lucky few, or you can
 have a time limit for accessing the pages. You can
 grant access to secret pages on your website with
 an autoresponder.
 The way this works is quite simple. You create a
 directory on your website that is password protected,
 with one login and password that everybody can use.
 You then create some valuable content for that
 You can call this your secret vault or your
 private stash or anything else you want to call it – as
 long as it sounds like something that your visitors
 may really want to get their hands on. For instance
 ‘the secret tools that helped me earn thousands
 each month’ would probably entice many people
 who want to learn how to make money.
 Once you get the directory and the pages set up,
 put the URL of the pages and the login name and
 password in an autoresponder. Write a sales page
 and distribute it to your opt-in list, or have other list
 owners distribute it to theirs. Make sure you ‘limit’
 the offer. Don’t let people assume that you are
 going to share this secret information with the rest
 of the world – they want to be the only ones with
 this special access!
 Keep access to the secret pages free. The goal is to
 get people to those pages, so that they can purchase
 your products or services. However, remember that
 you’ve advertised secret tools or secret information.
 Therefore, when they get to those pages, there must
 be something of value there for them to collect – for
 free in most cases. Don’t make the mistake of
 thinking that you will be losing money by giving
 something away for free – you won’t. In fact, you’ve
 already gained by collecting the names and
 addresses of the people who were interested in
 your secret information!
 Again, this is a marketing tactic that really works,
 and it is a great way to use an autoresponder. Once
 people have requested the information for your private
 pages, you can email them periodically, using your
 autoresponder, to let them know about updates to
 the secret site. While you are updating them, you
 can also tell them about other specials or new
 products in your line.
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