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« on: March 02, 2019, 09:45:23 pm »
02 Mar 2019

Help wanted by Ex UK Veteran of 22 years military service

I am asking for help because I am simply at the end of my tether and feel I have nowhere to turn. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and to accept for once I need the help.
I have been out of the forces for 13 years and recently came to terms that I haven’t been in the right state of mind for a real long time and how my mental state has made me make disastrous decisions which has ultimately cost me and my family everything.
Working all my life since the age of 16 and still currently to present at 53 years old keeps me going.  Having a loving family, 2 sons and a wife who are the only reason that I’ve haven’t taking my own life and ended this pain, which I have thought about many times,

I believe serving in Bosnia at the end of the conflict and seeing the devastation, destruction and cruelty dealt between fellow humans and mass death changed me forever. I was never offered help, counselling and although I have sought help I’ve never gone through with it, believing I need to man up!
On a personal note, losing both Mum & Dad hasn’t helped, both of which I miss terribly. My wife had cancer with a massive tumour (15lbs) being removed and thankfully now 4 years on and 90% recovered, she’s amazing and how she’s put up with me…I don’t know. My health has deteriorated, suffering from high blood, Type 2 diabetes and weight and confidence issues.
I am financially screwed with the only material item of value being mine and my father’s medals. I don’t want to but have to sell these to pay my rent which is currently 2 days overdue, The amount I need is £865, if you know anyone that maybe interested please forward this on, I assure you everything I’ve told you is completely true here’s my UK account number:  sort code 110603 acc no 11087768.
Any help will be very much appreciated, Thank you.
Best regards

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