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Today's Success Tips:
« on: March 24, 2018, 09:18:39 AM »

Today's Success Tips

1.  Be your own best customer.  Use ALL of your company's products and develop a good product story that you can share with others.

2.  Keep a database of EVERYONE you EVER talk to about your products and business. Do that for a few years and you should have 5,000 or more names in your database. That database will be a valuable asset to you.

3.  Don't spread yourself too thin trying to create multiple streams of income before you have successfully created one income stream.  Focus is key.

4. Seek out several mentors, not just one.  Find a mentor for each area you want to improve in.

5.  Support your team, but don't enable them or do things for them that they should be doing themselves. You do not want a large team that is DEPENDENT on you.

6. Attend ALL of your company's events and other industry events as well. This will help build your belief in the industry, yourself, and get you around other movers and shakers.

7. Plan out your work schedule for your business each week. Don't leave it to fate or accident.  Know what you will do each day and at what time.  Put the activities in your day planner and have a daily to do list.

8. Work at least as hard in your business as you do at your day job.  Stop treating it like a hobby.

9. Find someone who has achieved the level of success you desire and then humble yourself enough to listen and follow their advice.

10. Take 100 percent responsibility for your business.  Stop blaming your team, upline, or company for your lack of results.  Man up or woman up. No one is going to build your business for you.

Bonus: People say if you don't quit you will eventually make it.  That is a lie.  Just sticking around is not enough.  At some point, you have to put in the work.  If you aren't willing to work, and that's fine, revert to being a customer and do something else with your time.


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