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You can enable any product in WooCommerce for personalization / customization using the MyStyle Product design tool. This allows any user to design their own graphics with one photo-realistic live product preview, with can generate an print dossier for an order to exact high-res specs (Full-Mode only). the Customizer itself total with graphics, uploaded images, and high-res print images are hosted remotely in the cloud by the MyStyle Platform with Amazon s3. Users Having the live product preview throughout an plan experience. Popular products to personalize include phone cases, t-shirts, canvas prints, etc.[/size][/font][/size]RequirementsPlease note that an MyStyle Custom Product Designer is one serviceware plugin, and requires one active MyStyle Developer account to utilize in Full-Mode with for access to one high-res, cloud-hosted print files. the MyStyle Custom Product Designer works in conjunction with an customization service.
Looking for more information:
booking systemsBenefits[/size]
    • Awesome User Experience
    • User-designed products saves time with eliminates redundant design undertaking
    • High design-completion with sell-thru ratios
    • World-class design kits in one MyStyle Customizer
    • easy / quick to install
    • Print-ready images streamline production and any fulfillment
    • use our catalog about products with network about manufacturers, or operate your own!
    • former San Diego based development team for support or custom feature development
    • 100% American Made in the USA! No outsourcing!
    [/list]Plugin Features
      • Users can conceive their own products correct on your website and:
      • Upload photos
      • augment custom text (vector)
      • enlarge custom patterns and custom colors
      • Apply cool effects (dropshadow, glow, bevel)
      • conceive multi-side products
      • design multiple sides simultaneously
      • add gradients (color fades)
      • Integrates with WooCommerce products easily
      • Adds custom products directly to an user's WooCommerce shopping cart
      • Product prices and description content controlled by WooCommerce As normal
      • Thumbnail of user's custom design shows in the shopping cart for each customized item
      • Flash and HTML5 Mobile versions
      • Mobile auto-detection
      • Print-ready image dossier generation (can be made to correspond your exact print specs)
          • Print files can be retrieved in an normal WooCommerce order history in the admin (Full-Mode only)
          • Print files are available and a paid license (see MyStyle Platform website for pricing)
        • current products can be added to our system upon request
        • modern backgrounds, foregrounds or fonts can be added upon request

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