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The real Google Slap. "A must Read"
« on: April 05, 2008, 07:59:09 am »
Here's an article I wanted to pass along

Google Adsense is ruining lives. I speak from my recent experience. I recently received an email from them saying that due to excessive clicks they were suspending my account. It was very vague. Due to their policy they couldn't tell me which web site was causing the problem or how many clicks were involved or how to solve the situation. Basically I have no control over the situation and am at their mercy.

The email reads like I conspired with person or persons unknown to click on their ads. In other words they were accusing me of fraud. Which is completely untrue. I have spent a lot of time putting together my web sites. Most are information sites that pass along content aimed at educating people on a variety of subjects. Antiques, Diabetes, Horse-Care, Hearing, etc; I have spent money with Google for advertising and surprisingly still can. They are quite willing to take my money but when it comes to paying out they have their own little system in place to avoid it.

I adhere to Googles terms, I have my personal email on each of the sites for people to contact me. Everything I do is above board and I'm not stupid enough to have someone click on links to make a few extra cents. I am well aware of the so called Google Slap and do everything in my power to avoid it. Now I can't even get into my account to see where the problem might be.

The reason I put Google ads on my sites is of course to earn a little extra money but if the ads didn't pertain to the subject matter of the sites I advertise I wouldn't use them.

I spend a lot of time writing articles and advertising on Free Ad forums, classifieds, and PPC (when I can afford them) to get people to my web sites. Add to this the time involved creating my sites and it pretty well takes up most of my day. After putting in all this effort Google has the unmitigated gall to call me a cheat and a fraud.

For reasons unknown to me someone apparently clicked on the google ads numerous times, they may have thought it was funny or may have thought I was in competition. Whatever the reason was I don't know and have no control of what someone else might do. I do know that Googles answer is to penalize honest people rather than to try and fix the situation. If I was a vindictive man I'd ask everyone who read this article to go to Google and repeatable click on the sponsored ads and to pass this article along to everyone they knew and have them do the same. If enough people did this, the advertisers would lose faith and go other places to advertise. Google have grown so big they feel they are untouchable and can ruin lives for no just cause, they need to be brought back to reality. Their power needs to be limited. Otherwise if you advertise with them or use Google Adsense to make a little extra money, you could be next to feel the famous Google Slap.

Luckily I'm not a vindictive man, how everyone handles this situation with Google is entirely up to them. How we teach these companies who think they have become deities a lesson in humility is up to the individual and how they feel about the situation. I for one, amongst other things will write articles and post my feelings about the Google Slap every place I can. A situation never changes if people allow it to continue. All it takes is a small group to pass along the word and situations such as this can be changed.

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