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Nutricharge Kids -increases immunity and physical growth rate
« on: November 04, 2015, 12:02:46 PM »
Nutricharge Kids provides healthy nutrition to children that are formulated using superior quality natural ingredient and advanced technology for better performance, which improve mental abilities, increase immunity and physical growth rate. Enriched with 10 potentially beneficial botanicals extracts.

  • Nurtures the brain
  • Boosts immunity
  • For healthy Growth & Development
  • Available in Delicious chocolate flovor
  • 100% Vegetarian

Nutircharge Kids provides

Improving Brain Development

Rapid brain development affects mental abilities and socio emotional development, which is critical for every child. Nutrition plays a major role in the development of the nervous system and malnutrition causes a variety of mental and behavioral deficits over a lifetime. Proper and timely nutrition with adequate amounts of necessary micronutrients and protein may ensure normal brain development.

Boosting Immunity

A healthy immune system is vital for good health and fitness in children. Even mild deficiencies of essential nutrients can compromise a child's immunity,reducing resistance to diseases. A healthy diet along with some dietary supplements of fortified foods can be useful sources of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for children which may help in boosting their immunity.

Promoting Growth

Children need a balanced diet to grow and thrive. In the absence of adequate nutrients,child's body conserves energy by limiting weight gain and then by limiting linear growth. Ample intake of macro - and micronutrients is thus necessary for their proper growth & development.

Q.1 - For what age group we can give Nutricharge Kids.

Nutricharge Kids is for age range of 2 to 12

Q.2 - What are the major benefits of Nutricharge Kids.

Nutricharge Kids as the name suggests helps in overall and brain development, increases immunity and gives strength

Q.3 - Can we Nutricharge Kids for a 16 year old kid?

Nutricharge is designed for kids below age 14 hence it may be as helpful with a child aged 16 years

Q.4 - When should we give Nutricharge Kids?

Nutricharge Kids should be given in the morning after breakfest

Vitamins for your kids

Vitamins are nutrients that our bodies need in small amounts so they it can work properly. Ideally children should get all the vitamins they need by eating a healthy, balanced diet but majority of children remain deficient in key vitamins affecting their growth, development and lack of immunity. Multivitamin supplementation may help meet recommended dietary allowances for children could be beneficial for overall health. Vitamins are substances that children need to grow and develop naturally.

Importance of minerals for growing kids

Minerals are inorganic compounds that our body needs in very small amounts to perform a variety of functions. There is a widespread deficiency of minerals like iron, calcium and zinc in children leading to compromised health. Multi-mineral supplementaion in children may help increase nutrient intake, promote health and may also reduce the risk of diseases.

Proteins and DHA for physical and Mental growth of young ones

Protein are linked to physical and mental development and essential fatty acids(lipids like DHA) are primary structural components of brain. Intake of protein and DHA can affect the brain functioning.

Botanicals may also benefit the children

Herbs (botanicals) may be an effective and natural way to address a child's health. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are rich sources of phytonutrients and children usually consume less of these items. Supplementing nutrients and herbal extracts to children could be beneficial for growth.

Probotics - Prebiotics for your child's intestinal health

Probiotics are live micro-organisms that confer a health benefit when taken in adequate amounts and certain non-digestible carbohydrates (prebiotics) act as foods for probiotics. Probiotics may be helpful in keeping the digestive tract (gut) healthy and increasing the activity of immune system.

How to prepare a delicious, nourishing and yummy drink

1) Take 200 ml cold or luke-warm milk
2) Add one scoop (10 g) of Nutricharge Kids Powder into it
3) Add 1 table spoon of sugar, Stir briskly
4) Enjoy the great tasting drink daily

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