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In Home and Office Computer Virus Removal for Honolulu

In Home and Office Computer Virus Removal for Honolulu and The Island of Oahu

I get a lot of calls about in home and in office computer virus removal from victims. Recently I’ve received calls from malicious viruses looking just like virus protections programs.
The computer virus victim gets popups warning that if they don’t purchase the software their computer faces all types of virus attacks. It may not even let you onto the internet or you may only be able to access certain pages online the programmer of the virus gets paid for or attempts to take your money for the order of the fake antivirus software.


Call Me

As a small business computer expert as well as an in home computer tutor specializing in teaching confused, sometimes even nervous new computers users from the very beginning of taking the computer out of the box to the point where my computer students only call me when they need me, I want my clientele to eventually not need me!
Anyone who wants to be shown how to remove these viruses themselves so they don’t need to call me next time I’m happy to show them. As a dual certified teacher I simply can’t help myself  : )

Most importantly call me as soon as you begin to get suspicious. Don’t wait until the problem gets so big that I may not be able to save your computer.
Call me now on my cell
Rick Kirkham

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