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Home Remedies for a Runny Nose
« on: March 28, 2011, 07:55:25 am »
Runny nose cold, allergy, may be the result of, or spicy foods. Regardless of the cause, runny nose may be both inconvenient and worse. There are many home remedies to alleviate the deterioration of at least one that can be used to treat or runny nose. The important thing to remember is that different doctors and runny nose runny it.A decongestant should not be treated as if it is recommended as a result of increased production of mucus and nasal sinuses no. Increased production of mucus is usually the result of the body trying to clear a cold or flu viruses or allergens or stimuli from the body. Normal amount of mucus, lubricating oil, and exclude the presence of bacteria inside the nasal passages of time. Production, the runny nose or runny nose can be irritating.The best remedy, post nasal drip also the usual result is to help the body blow gently at regular intervals. However, you can stimulate excessive nose outside, tender and painful blow it. Runny nose due to excessive seasonal and environmental allergies, please try to counter antihistamines. The runny nose due to colds and flu, antihistamines, they may help to alleviate nasal symptoms has been delayed because the bacteria longer.Saline production of mucus may be left in a spray or rinse , a runny nose to reduce irritation associated with other options. Saline nasal spray is available in stores, easy and comfortable it is discharged from help thin mucus. Stimulation helps rid the nasal saline spray can. Moreover, by dissolving one fourth teaspoon salt 2 cups warm water can make your own saline. Place a few drops in each nostril, using a rubber suction bulb. If it is dry dry air as the air thickens the mucus in your house, and also consider using a humidifier.

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