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This is a 'Must Have' 100% unique product that virtually everyone in the U.S.A. needs, and a true win-win business opportunity.  Also great news is that this is coming to Western Canada on May 1st, 2008.

Many networkers say that product doesn't matter, but the fact is that this program saves people 10's of thousands of dollars on their home loan through a revolutionary, proven software system and can potentially have their home paid for in a fraction of the term.The fee to become an Agent is $175 covering the first 12 months.  This is not selling - this is showing and there's a huge difference.

The distinct advantage to homeowners is that they do not refinance their existing loan, they do not pay more each month and there are no bi-weekly payments either.

The Publisher of the most recent issue of Personal Real Estate Investor, has given the Money Merge Account system the 2008 EDITORS' CHOICE AWARD for client mortgage innovation in a special 16 page supplement.

We are regularly featured in BrokerBanker Magazine, and True Wealth Magazine has devoted 30 pages to the Money Merge Account software in its latest issue.

This is a real and rewarding business opportunity as the audience is unlimted - from family and friends, next door neighbours, your Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Financial Advisor, accountant, favourite hairdresser, grocery store - on and on.

You can find out how the company was founded, and how the software works by visiting my corporate website.

Have a Great Easter everyone!

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