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Nowadays, BLE APIs command a considerable part of the market share worldwide despite many undocumented pitfalls. No wonder more and more users want to hop on the Bluetooth Low Energy bandwagon for iOS apps. In this post, we’ll share an overview of one of the most downloaded and used Web API apps for iOS - Bluefy created by Ukrainian software development company PNN Soft. But initially, let us take a deep dive into the technology itself and consider the basics of BLE.
[/size]The “low energy” part: is BLE optimized for power efficiency?
[/size]The short answer is yes - a Bluetooth low-energy gadget runs on a small battery for a more extended amount of time, for weeks or even months and years, which makes the technology pretty helpful for the Internet of Things. Another significant benefit is the flexibility of BLE, allowing developers to adjust different custom profiles for various use cases. PNN Soft developers took advantage of BLE capabilities to enable users with coding experience to create simple web solutions within the app.
[/size]It can be several web applications - for example, those sending customized notifications on your email or sharing data from wearables to the cloud. It is always quite handy for those developers who need to test their web solutions thoroughly. Thanks to API specifications, you can connect websites to remote GATT servers. It will seamlessly work with Bluetooth 4.0 devices or later versions. Please, bear in mind that your site should operate through a secure HTTPS connection to use Web Bluetooth.
[/size]Bluetooth low energy has central-peripheral relationships. It means that your smartphone, acting as a central device, connects to several peripherals (smartwatches, speakers, scales or other external BLE devices). Generally, one primary device can be paired with only one peripheral. However, Bluefy allows users to pair several peripherals simultaneously without harming the connection quality. So you are free to use a set of intelligent devices at once - for example, medical devices such as a glucose monitor, heart rate monitor, temperature sensors, and so on.
[/size]The app comprises three possible types of BLE communication
[/size]Writing. The app may write bytes to a descriptor or characteristic on your Bluetooth low-energy device. In response, the server’s firmware does the server-side operations. Some smart thermostat, for instance, possesses a feature that impacts the target temperature when written to.
[/size]Reading. After reading the value of a characteristic or descriptor, the app interprets it in line with an established protocol. Some smart thermostats, for their part, have a feature whose value represents the target temperature.
[/size]Notifying or indicating. The app notifies subscribers of characteristic changes. In the case of an intelligent thermostat, notifications may report ambient temperature changes.
[/size]The apps’ functionality and main highlights:
  • [/size]the development process took the team around six months. The main priority was to blend two innovative technologies, BLE and API. Thanks to their coexistence, you can set personally adjusted notifications and trace the history of the connection.
  • [/size]the app perfectly works with iPhone 11 or later and iPad and iPad PRO. It also allows users to share their data via the cloud. Double encryption and reliable security protocols get your private information covered!
  • [/size]the Web API browser has embedded PWA architecture, which makes it multifunctional for users with coding experience.
  • [/size]the app has a broad localization of 14 European languages, including English.
[/size]What distinguished Bluefy from other BLE browsers?
  • [/size]all functionality set is free, the number of pairings is unlimited, stable connectivity
  • [/size]a possibility to use an app in a full-screen mode.
  • [/size]minimalistic and convenient interface - nothing can distract you from Bluefy’s functions.
  • [/size]more UI responsivity thanks to implementing CSS media queries
  • [/size]with no built-in adds.
[/size]Steps on becoming Bluefy’s user:
  • [/size]You can download the app on App Store for iPhone and iPad.
  • [/size]Activate Bluetooth on all central and peripheral devices you need to connect.
  • [/size]Open the Web Browser page that supports your devices, and pair all of them with the API.
  • [/size]Develop PWA on a web page and start imitating native application features.
[/size]If you enjoy pairing wearables, think about testing the app for free - it’s better to try by yourself to make up your mind. If any questions appear while using Bluefy, feel free to contact developers: You can download the app on App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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