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Simple Business, Simple Method, Simple System?
« on: February 18, 2021, 02:45:33 am »
 Simple Business, Simple Method, Simple System?
 Ever heard of “Occam’s razor”?
 It’s a fascinating principle.
 One that scientists use to figure out which hypothesis
 or theory is the best, when there are many competing ones.
 Here’s what it says:
 “Among competing hypotheses, the one with the
 fewest assumptions should be selected
 So suppose you’re a scientist. And there’s something
 you don’t understand. You have 3 possible explanations
 for it. But each explanation has equal evidence for it.
 How do you choose between the explanations?
 Occam’s razor tells you to choose the simplest explanation.
 The principle itself is super simple; all it says is that “simpler is better.”
 And yet, it’s powerful.
 Using Occam’s razor has consistently led to scientific breakthroughs.
 And entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from Occam’s razor.
 Simple businesses… simple methods… simple systems…
 just work better.
 When a business becomes full of complications, procedures,
 and departments… even if all those things are good things…
 you’re still just going to end up with a slow, dumb bureaucracy.
 Growth stops. Efficiency drops. Profitability sinks…
 OUR COMMUNITY contains only the essentials.
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