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Sinnocents Publishing is an envoy of sizzling tales, within series and single stories, with objectives that revolve around thoughtful, adult adventures which lead to deeper than usual contemplation of the mind and body.  The stories strike, at times, closely to real life topics. In other moments, they are extraordinarily and abnormally captivating. Sometimes, they are happyally simple. They are to move emotions, both of the happy and angry variety. They are to give people something to contemplate, both about the world they live in and about themselves. They do not revolve just around sexuality, though sexuality is one of the major ingredients. A Sinnocents book will often provoke a deep set of enjoyment and entertainment that will leave you longing for the next chapter. We welcome everyone, one and all, to comment as well as participate in the new, expanding universe; the variety of books and themes we are presenting to the world.


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