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1. Run social media ads
It is necessary to run social media ads because you have to tell your customers about your store. If they don’t know about your store then they won’t be able to find it and your sales will be zero. People will only be able to find your business when you will advertise it. For promotion and advertising run social media ads. You can run ads on a various social media platform like Facebook, Google and Pinterest ads. People here on these social media sites are very active and you will be able to drive a lot of traffic to your online store with the help of ads.

2. Discover your store with the help of SEO
People will only be able to find your store when it will come in the top results of the search results. Use right and relevant keywords to make your website show in the top results so that more and more can find your store. More people will see that more will be traffic.

3. Use social proof tools
It is the best high impact strategy for Getting More Traffic at Online Store. With the help of social proof tools, you can do Social Proof Marketing. It is the most trending way for online marketing and it will not only helps you to get more traffic to your store but will also increase your sales and conversion rate. With a lot of social proof tools out there it is hard to choose.
But the best social proof tool is Fizfy Social Proof. It is most often used tool for promotion and attraction of new audience .it has many notifications and many unique features.
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4. Contests and giveaways
Don’t you like free things, obviously you do? This is the fact that lots of people will come if they hear that they are going to get something free. Give them giveaways at a condition that if they will just participate they will get something fun in return and this will surely drive more traffic. This is an excellent way to indulge both new and existing customers. Giveaways will not bore them out and they will actively participate.
Not only giveaways but contests are the same give them greed that they will get exciting prizes in return if they will participate in the contests. It is a good way to drive traffic to your online store.     

5. Write appealing content
You must have great content on your website. If you don’t have your blog on your website then you are missing a lot of customers and also a lot of sales. Write good content that is appealing, attractive, and crisp because it will make your website catch more eyes and your online store will get more traffic. You have to post content regularly and you can post weekly, monthly and quarterly.


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