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Here are a few things to look for before stating any business:

1) IS it legit? do your, to find out such things as:
How long have they been in business?

2) Have they had a lot of complaints? a few is fine (All opportunities have a few complaints)

3) Find out who the creator of the site is, and back ground check him/her?

4) Try to find out how many members they have?

5) Look at the capture page/s?  is it generic looking?

6) Checkout the product/service? is it saturated all over the internet?

7) Do they offer a Residual Income/Multiple Streams of income?
( If they don't offer these, it's not necessarily bad)

8) Do they have a refund policy implemented?
( again, not necessarily bad if they don't...just know if they do or not)

9) Is there contact info for admin? Don't be shy if you have
them and ask? (If they are legit, they will answer your questions)

10) Can you navigate freely around the site/back office area? if you're having a lot
of problems finding things in your back office area, chances are your "NEW" prospects will also?

11) Are there several FEE's involved along the way? This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you'll want to know from the get go what to expect, and make sure to pass this along to your potential customers?

12) Do they have a good marketing strategy implemented in order to advertise?
If they don't offer any marketing strategy/s, you will have to either use my blog
(===> or upgrade under me @ {DSP} in order to get more training in the back office area...(Intelliprotrac tool available in the training area. everyone has access to their own!)

(===> - Create a FREE account, and upgrade here!

13) Is it inexpensive? If you have problems recruiting, it's no easier to pay for a high ticket item?

14) This one's a killer? are you able to contact your sponsor? more than likely
you will never hear from him/her once signed up, so be prepared to learn while
you earn? (refer to 1 of the sites listed above for training) - Must be a paid member with {DSP}

15) What kind of compensation plan do they have? do you get paid, daily,
weekly, monthly? and how do you get paid? There are several payment processors, but I like Paypal myself.

===>  Always have a game plan, and Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!!!
When starting out, post as many FREE ads as humanly possible, and slowly
get yourself some cheap advertising, until you start making a considerable amount of $$$, and then up your spending as you make more... (1 on 1 Prospecting is the best way, but time consuming because you have to
build a rapport before you can send your offers) - Don't get discouraged when you're turned down, because  it's going to happen regularly!

* Now only you can determine, whether or not a business is meant for you,
once you've completed your research,and as I've stated many times, Every business will have something that you don't like..

===> If you would like to discuss further please don't hesitate to contact me!!! (Let's Talk!)

===> Note: If you upgrade under me, you will have daily training. (Any legit opportunity will take years  to build....There are no short cuts, so whatever Biz Opp you join, plan on staying for no less than 6 months
in order to see if it will be a good fit for you!) So please do your research, because I hate seeing people taken advantage of! We've all been NEWBIES at one time, and have been through the very same things!
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my training blog, on how to build a
recession proof business online.

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