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As a corporate image, logo can   be permanent, and the logo needs to keep pace with the times. Lets take a look at the changes and renovations of the worlds top 500 logos.logo modify the big collection of cases:[/size]1: Internet giant Googles logo history:

2: Windows logo development history:

3: Apple Logo Evolution History:

4: Mercedes-Benz Logo Evolution History:

I believe that everyone has read the history of the changes in the above four logos, you should know that the logo also needs to be modified and updated. Regarding the update and modification of the logo, it is generally a small amount of modification. If a large number of modifications are made, the customer will suddenly not know it. This is something that needs attention. The source files of the logo to be modified are generally ai, eps, and cdr files. If it is gif, png, and jpg format, it needs to be redesigned with vector software. This will be troublesome, and this is also to be noted. If the logo needs to be printed, then the logo should preferably be exported to CMYK format, which is convenient for printing and printing. If it is used on the Internet, then you can use the RGB format.
The platforms that can be modified by logo have the following:1:
The screenshot of the homepage is as follows:

Reprinted please keep the URL: Thank you

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