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T1 Wireless Internet Access $19.95 Per Month FREE Signup!!
« on: April 20, 2008, 07:26:27 pm »
That's Right... T1-T3 Wireless Internet Access for just $19.95 per month Sign up for FREE
Welcome To Your WiFi Internet!
"Those who fully grasp how this technology is going to forever change the Internet, as well as the entire world, will realize that there is nothing to stop them from generating a monthly pay check well into the multi-millions of dollars!" - Ken Stewart, CEO, ItsYourNet, LLC

ItsYourNet has aligned itself with a WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) Internet Service Corporation.
After more than five years of coding and field testing, this Corporation has developed a Wireless Internet technology so dynamic that we believe it is destined to become the sole surviving Internet Service Provider (ISP) worldwide.
Here's why...
With opening as a publicly traded company, the ability to broadcast the Internet connection signal via repeater towers from one central NOC (Network Operations Center), broadcast to distances of 30-miles without degradation of the signal, transmit through buildings, forests, and up to 20 feet underground, maintain a T-1 connection both UP and DOWN without degradation from the amount of simultaneous users connecting, and having managed to secure the signal with better than 256-bit SSL encryption where no firewall hardware is required, we believe this WiFi Corp. will quickly become one of the fastest growing Corporations in the history of the Internet, and quite literally, will be able to make the statement;

"There are two types of people in the world...
Those who are connected to the Internet through our network...
And those who have still yet to connect to the Internet for the very first time"
To be ready for when connectivity reaches your area, Join our 2-Tier Free Affiliate Program now, and start building your list of subscribers TODAY!

    * Investment capital was secured in 2003 with seven USA-based Investment Bankers*
    * Testing of T-1 service (Flat Terrain Testing) has been 100% successfully completed
    * Competitors can't develop comparable technology without 3+years and billions invested
    * Service is expected to go live in Texas, California, Washington state in 2008**
    * Mountainous terrain signal testing is now live and underway - Posted February, 2008
    * WiFi Corporation plans blanketed WiFi coverage of Canada & USA within 1st year
    * Within 6-months of North American opening, plans for worldwide WiFi service begin

We hope you're grasping the big picture here!
To be ready for when connectivity reaches your area, Join our 2-Tier Free Affiliate Program now, and start building your list of subscribers TODAY!
Imagine Having An Always On Wireless T-1 to T-3 Internet Connection...
In Your Home Or Office...                                                                                           
While Walking Down A Street...
                                                                                        While Driving Down A Road...
While Camping, Golfing, Hiking...                                     
                                         Or Crossing Country In A Plane...
Whether you're interests are the ground floor purchase of stock or you plan to build an empire that pays you every month, you will not find any opportunity that has as much to offer as The Future Of The WiFi / Wireless Internet does.

ItsYourNet, LLC's strategic alignment with this WiFi Corporation anticipates providing up to $4.00 of the anticipated monthly fee paid back to the Independent Members of our Free Affiliate Program, thus giving you the ability TODAY to introduce this to the masses, positioning you with the ability to create a dynamic monthly residual income for yourself, and even better, enabling you to create a database of subscribers that you will be able to introduce to the WiFi era.

1,000 Leads Daily - 3 Day Risk Free Trial

Business Opportunity Leads!


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