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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Start a Carpet Cleaning Business
« on: October 14, 2009, 12:40:14 AM »
Carpet cleaning is one of the most well-liked home start up businesses that are considered. The start up costs is minimal and one can usually get started in a business such as this for well under $1,000. Most people will initially rent their equipment and supplies until they begin to see a profit. When it is time to start shopping for the equipment many will buy used at first. Wholesale suppliers very often have amazing deals on both used and new equipment that is needed for this type of business.

For more info: Cleaning Jobs

The majority of upholstery and carpet cleaning businesses begin as home based operations and those that are successful might end up moving into a brick and mortar location. Most also initially target the residential sector which costs much less in start up costs.

For more info: House Cleaning Services

Let’s assume that you are in the process of starting a commercial cleaning business and your initial goal is to find some customers and start with office cleaning. Before you head in and plan to land the contract there are a few things that you should factor in first. You have to look at yourself through the eyes of the customer if you plan to be successful. In other words, you might think that you are offering a great deal, a dynamic price and the whole package but did you know what the customer is concerned with?

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When you are starting a cleaning service there is something that you must always keep in mind, you are offering a service not a product. When you start marketing remember to market your business as a service which is different than marketing a product and it is much harder too. Part of a good marketing plan is to convince the customer that you have a way to solve their problem. So, how can you go about doing this correctly?

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So, let’s assume that you are in the process of starting a commercial cleaning business and your initial goal is to find some customers and start with office cleaning. Before you head in and plan to land the contract there are a few things that you should factor in first. You have to look at yourself through the eyes of the customer if you plan to be successful. In other words, you might think that you are offering a great deal, a dynamic price and the whole package but did you know what the customer is concerned with?

You likely think that they are just concerned with price and dependability and while they are there are other things that are just as important. The company that you are trying to land a contract with wants to know if you are complying with all state and federal regulations so they don’t get stuck paying for your workman’s compensation or your unemployment.

Does the Lowest Bid Win?

While you might think that they are going to jump on the price quote that you gave them because it is less than the competition would charge they want to know why you cut your costs.

Did you cut the costs because you lack in experience or maybe you don’t have insurance? The lowest bid usually rises a bit of concern. Companies, especially national companies know that when they are seeking office cleaners, window cleaners, or carpet cleaners that they will get bids from big businesses and small businesses. They also know that both have advantages and disadvantages. Most of the time, they are not partial as long as you have your business in order.

Big Guy vs. Little Guy

The big cleaning companies usually have high tech equipment, they usually work faster, they are usually never short handed but they cost more. The little companies offer a strong presence, they are trustworthy, they show the face behind the name and they offer a better price. The other things that companies look at are what other services that you offer. If you offer multiple services then that saves them time and time is money. If they have any special needs they want to be sure that you can meet them and they will likely be concerned with your schedule in comparison to theirs. Can you wrap up this contract today or is it going to require further meetings? These are some of the things that are being considered.
Questions, Questions, and more Questions

Can you answer any questions or concerns that the client may have? What can you tell them about how they can determine how often they will need an office cleaning service? How can they tell if their cleaning needs are daily or weekly? What can you tell the customer about the type of cleaners and cleaning chemicals that you use? While some may not care, others are sure to. And finally, what can you tell the company about the workers that you will be sending into their offices when no one is present? What kind of assurance can you provide for them?

These are some of the things that you must be prepared to answer when heading in and hoping to land a cleaning contract!

For more info: How to start a cleaning business

Children do have a hard time when they are separated from their parents. This is commonly experienced when a child is left in a day care center. Most of the time, you would see a scenario where in the child will  shout, cry and kick all over because her does not want to be left alone by his parents. This is what you call separation anxiety which parents do really have to go through as part of the growing phase that children need. Here are some of the ways in which you can prevent yourself from being in this situation.

1. Train him slowly
Your child may find it really hard to get used to the fact that you need to be separated everyday. This is not best done if you suddenly leave your child in the middle of the day care because this will really traumatize him. The best way to do it is to take things slowly and spend less time together so that he will get used to the feeling of being separated from you. This will make it easier for him to deal with the day without you around.

2.  Allow him to bring his toys
Your child may always find comfort in the toys that he plays. It is very important that you allows him to bring something that would remind him of home so that he will have something to  hold one once he feels lonely. Sometimes, this can be a photo or a blanket so whatever he might wish to bring, be lenient enough to allow him to.

3. Reward You Child
If your child has performed well in school or has not thrown any tantrums, you can always reward them for this. Children work best with the reward system where they are given a gift or an appraisal to recognize their good behavior. This will only encourage your child to do go even more and you will be more assured that he will not go through another separation anxiety  experience again.

4. Greet as you meet
When you meet the teachers as well as the other students, you should greet them back. By being a good example to your child, he will see that he should be responsive to the greetings of other people. If your child is feeling lonely, he will have people around him who will show him that they care for him in the day care. This can really ease up your child so make it a point never to miss out in this.

Dealing with separation anxiety is not that hard as it seems. It just requires you to think ahead. You may think that you should be able to have a solution immediately but the truth is that you should have come up with the solution ahead of time. It is all about conditioning the mind of your child about the idea of separation and from here you can work your way to  make your child be more comfortable with the idea.

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Directed and undirected play is essential to learning. Preschool teachers and daycare providers should use simple verbal cues in order to enhance learning through play for children to learn and understand from.

Play-based, multi-sensory informal learning is actually more personal and more effective for learning. When play is gently guided, preschool teachers can then facilitate learning opportunities using supporting verbal cues. The verbal cues support learning objectives for cognitive, physical, language, literacy, and social and emotional development.

Some examples of verbal cues might be: “use your words”, “look at your friends and talk to them”, “wait your turn”, “share”, or “express your wants and needs”.

Teaching new vocabulary is one of the best instructional inserts to game play. “Listen to the conversations the children are having and find natural ways to have fun with new words,” says McGinley Crowe. For example, when playing on the playground, a teacher can discuss and model “tossing” a ball, “gently”, “swiftly”, or “energetically”. In the block area, a teacher can discuss creating different housing units such as an apartment, a hut, or a mansion.

Regardless of the games preschoolers create by themselves, preschool teachers can provide a good start to any lesson with the hook, “Would you like to play a game with me?” This creates a playful focus and makes learning even more fun.

Jan Z. Olsen, creator if “Get Set for School” recommends the following specific verbal cues based on playful learning techniques. These cues should get preschool teachers started:

•   Preschool teachers can use position words, “top”, “middle”, and “bottom” while having children imitate them as they hold a big line at the top, middle or bottom.

•   For Vertical lines say “Go up like a helicopter or down like a helicopter”.

•   For diagonal lines say “slide down”.

•   Teach number words when talking about letter parts. Say that a capital E has one big line and three little lines.

•   Teach sequence words. Say, “First you need a big line. Then you need a little line at the top”.

•   Describe what’s happening on the playground with words like "You are climbing up", "You are sitting down". "Now, you’re ready to slide down".

Children learn best through their everyday experiences because they are naturally curious, active, and eager to learn and try new things. Preschool curriculum should build learning opportunities directly into play so that learning and development matches that of the growing child. Using simple verbal cues to gently guide play provides a great opportunity to direct the development of young children.

By doing this, not only can you encourage and entice your children to learn more things and words and interact with other people, you are able to achieve your goal of widening your child’s vocabulary without having to make it seem like a task but rather a simple bonding time where you get to talk, express yourself and your thoughts and basically have fun through playing and discussing things.

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Children who are usually enrolled to a daycare center are usually between the ages of 0 to six years old. This means that there are greater chances for the children enroled in your daycare to still be unaware of how and when to use the potty. It is therefore important for any daycare center to help the children’s parents and work with them hand in hand when it comes to teaching the children about potty training and how to make this experience a definitely great experience for them as well.

Introduce Potty Training – Even if your child will usually mingle with children of the same age bracket, chances are different children will have different backgrounds when it comes to potty training. There are some children who at the young age of two or three are able to say when they need to go to the potty while there are those who at the age of four still end up peeing in their underwear. Even at a very young age, peer pressure can already occur most especially when your child notices that other children are able to go to the potty while he or she is still unaware of what and how to use a potty. It is therefore important for you to introduce potty training to your child before enrolling him or her to a daycare center. The daycare center is just there to reinforce your teaching but it is the parent’s responsibility to primarily teach their child about potty training.

Potty Training Rules – You should definitely set rules and guidelines when it comes to potty training .This experience should be something that you child will not be afraid of and would actually look forward to.

Progress Reports - Speak with the childcare provider often to exchange progress reports. Both of you need to be aware of any successes or potential problems. If the daycare worker tells you that your child used the potty earlier that day, be sure and tell your child that that you heard about his or her success and that you are proud of him or her.

How to Conduct Potty Training in Your Daycare

In your daycare center, you will be dealing with lots of kids and with different ages. Of course, you need to conduct potty training in order to teach some kids under your facility. You need to do planning in order for you to successfully train young kids. You need to focus to toilet training, if you can't do it, you can ask your staff to do it for you.

You need to have the right materials for it. You need to have lots of potties and underpants in your daycare center and even advise the parents to have it in their homes. Underpants should be colored. You need to get pictures of cartoon characters that are wearing underpants. It is s practical solution to have diaper or underpants for any trips. But, make sure that you treat underpants as real pants and not diapers.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Health Care Policies At The Daycare
« on: September 29, 2009, 02:06:02 AM »
Children can often get sick and when they need to stay at home and rest to prevent worsening conditions and from spreading the illness to other children.  It is easy t determine if a child is physically sick if you provide them with proper care and attention. If a child tells you he or she is feeling sick or feeling something not good, it would be wise to take the necessary precaution and check what the child is feeling. Children unlike adults are fragile and will not be able to function properly in certain conditions as adults can.

However there are times when it is difficult to decide if the child is really sick or just having a low day. Some things to help you decide whether or not to let your child go to daycare or preschool are outlined by Dr. Leila M. Iravani, board certified doctor of pediatric and adolescent medicine at Coastal Kids Pediatric Medical Group in Newport Beach, California.

If a child is exhibiting these symptoms it would be advisable to parents to Keep the child at home.

•   If a child is experiencing a fever greater than or equal to 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit

•   Moderate Drainage meaning clear or discoloration of the eyes, ears, nose or mouth

•   Red coloration to the whites of the eyes

•   Skin rashes that have not been diagnosed by a medical doctor

•   Severe abdominal pains , vomiting or diarrhea

Other symptoms that can tell you to let your child stay at home and not attend daycare or preschool is listed by Dr. Luis Rodriguez, Assistant Executive Director of Quality Improvement & Health Services at Episcopal Social Services.

•   Reddening or the throat and pain despite lack of fever

•   Deep hacking cough

•   Wheezing and difficulty in breathing

•   Having stiff neck and headaches with more than one of the above symptoms

•   Yellowing of the eyes

•   Cuts  or skin opening s that contain pus or oozing

•   Lice or nits

It is common sense to allow the child to stay home if you are aware that your child has a contagious disease. You do not want other children contracting the same illness and contribute to the spread of the illness.

One you have decided to keep your child from going to preschool or daycare, as a parent you should know when it would be alright for your child to come back to preschool or daycare. Dr. Rodriguez said: “To ensure the safety of children and staff, children and adults who have the following conditions will be excluded from the classroom until either the condition subsides, or there is documentation from that individual’s medical provider stating that they are no longer contagious”.

Dr. Iravani also advises that if there is any doubt in the child’s overall feeling, it would be better to be safe than sorry. If your child feels sick It is best to just have him or her stay at home.

As a daycare provider it is also one’s responsibility to check and asses each child’s medical condition as they join the daycare or preschool premises. Daycare providers can use the same criteria as a parent would use to determine if a child is fit to interact with other children or if there is a need for the child to go home and take a rest.

Daycare staff should watch the children’s level of activity to see if there are changes that would suggest something to be wrong. Often when a relatively active child becomes less active or withdrawn, it could signal that the child is becoming ill or that there is something wrong with the behavior.  In cases like this it would be safe to take the child’s temperature and check for any kind of skin rash.

Child care providers must take every precaution to ensure the health of the child as if it were their own. Basic common sense would prevent major problems such as escalation of the child’s illness or spread to other children. It would be important to match you efforts with each child’s physicians. There must be a record kept of the children’s parents and doctor’s phone numbers in case of emergencies.

 If you are looking for new daycares to put your child into, one of the factors that you need to look for is the kind of nutrition that the child care can provide your children while being under their care. You have to make sure that they abide by the regulations set forth by the United States Public Health Services Food Code. Some locations would even have stricter codes that the United States Codes and it would be good to check that their license is up to date and that they are posted.

As a parent you would want to make sure that they are getting the right food and not only that but also proper way of preparing the food. You need to see the overall cleanliness of the food preparation facilities. The place where your children will be eating and its sanitation is just as important as where the foods are made.  If you are providing packed lunch for your children you must still check and consider food safety issues as to prevent your child from contracting any illness from the result of food. It is good practice to pack the foods for your children in air tight containers with a frozen cold pack in a thermal closed bag. This would help maintain the freshness of the food and prevent it from spoiling.

Making sure that your child gets the proper attention involves a lot of element. Every parents goal is to make sure that their child gets the proper nutrition and proper care when faced with illness. Avoidance is still the best solution. If you are not comfortable with what you see or feel about your child, it would be wise to follow your instincts and keep them home rather than take the risk of putting your child out there.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Using Computers for Learning
« on: September 27, 2009, 09:05:31 PM »
Even when they are widely used today, computers still cannot replace books and pens as reading and writing materials. However, it still is undeniable that they can support the things that the reading and writing activities teach the child.

There are computer program that can easily capture a child’ interest at the same time can teach him valuable lessons. Even when they don’t know how to read yet, these programs which have enjoyable characters can make learning more fun for children around three years old. 

These reading programs in the computer allow your child to:

•   Listen to stories at the same time read along on her own.
•   Make learning the alphabet, rhyming words and simple words fun for your children to learn as they play with the characters and objects in the screen.
•   Command your computer to record your child’s voice then play it back after the recording so she can listen to herself.
•   Write down simple sentences and make stories out of them. Put up characters and pictures in these stories then read them back.
•   Let your child make books on her own and print them.
•   Do slide show presentations.
•   Be praised because of her progress in her skills in language.

How to Find a Computer Which You and Your Child Can Use

Even when you don’t have a computer at your own home, you can go to your child’s school library or a community college near your place and see if you can use their computer there. Inquire about good learning programs too from your librarian and try them out. Your librarian might be able to help you know about basic steps in using the computer and where you could get training in these computer programs before you work with the child.

At first, play the program with him. Then later on, let him sit by the computer on his own while you watch. Guide him and don’t forget to give him praises. Make sure the programs are appropriate for his age as one program is suited for different ages. As he gets older, provide him with more challenging programs. So if your children have different ages, the program can let each child hone his or her skills.

Different computer programs offer different qualities so it is advisable to try the program first before buying it. Read also the children’s program reviews first which you can access from the local library. You can also ask the librarian or the teacher of your child if they can recommend any good software that they know of.

There are also websites you can search through the Internet. Most of the time, these websites are where organizations like the libraries government offices, business and other groups provide their information for the people. This is one way of looking for good computer learning programs for your children but make sure that you only get materials with excellent quality.

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It seems as if children's toys have become tremendous expensive and unluckily many parents find that purchase a mainstream of toys for kids is at time a real difficulty. Especially, when their kids want the same toys as their associates and the parents just simply can not have enough money them.

Locating really great toys for their kids is one of many needs that a parent may have these days, particularly when the father has an accounts that they must stay. Many parents find it is a fight just to keep ends meet with paying for foodstuff, rent or mortgage, daycare, utilities, and gas for their van. So when their child asks for a toy, parents want to provide it to them, but from time to time that is not forever possible. However, there are some ways that a parent can put aside money when attainment toys for their children.

In fact, there are some different ways that parents can discover toys for their kids that will not charge them an arm and a leg to do so. It is true that the kids of today a far cry absent from kids a few generations ago that enjoy toys that were home-based. This has a lot to do with the technically advanced era in which we live that have reason children as well as adults to become much more difficult even in the toys they play with.

Children of nowadays want toys that is as advanced as their friend's toys. No longer is a doll purely a doll, but it is nearly as real as an essentially baby. Doll's on the market today not only cry, but they can talk, sing, walk, pee, and even need their diapers changed just like a real baby. Boys no longer crave for a truck that go as without stopping as a line, but they insist trucks that are able to do wheelies and collide into a loom of paper cups. The trucks on the marketplace these days even permit children to be in charge of their performance with a remote control so the child does not in truth have to physically push them.

Regrettably, for the parents is that all these implausible toys with these unbelievable description have caused the prices in toys to augment, which has in the end caused a weight to numerous parents. One method that parents are reaching around the more and more lofty cost of toys is by buying toys previously owned by others. It is factual that these toys have been played with, but they permit parents to acquire toys for their kids that they might not be able to pay for other wise. Most previously owned toys are of outstanding quality and once they are cleaned up parents discover that their children are just glad with getting a latest toy.

Many times parents will enquire their associates that have kids if they have any old toys their kids are no longer playing with or if they may have family associates or other friends that would akin to to get rid of a number of toys they no longer have any use for. Oftentimes parents are astonished by precisely how lots of toys they can get for their kids when other parents find out out that they are looking for toys for their children. Parents almost everlastingly have a stash of toys that their own kids have become bored with or have just simply outgrown and are happy to get rid of them.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Recordkeeping In Your Daycare Center
« on: September 25, 2009, 08:44:53 PM »
Keeping Your Family Daycare Clean and Healthy
One of the main reasons why a daycare is utterly successful is because of it’s state of cleanliness. When you enter a day care for the first time you are treated to a room that should be kept clean and organized but also as a pleasant odour. It is true that the nose is your best tool in finding out if a daycare is up to par in cleanliness and grooming.

Here are some important pointers to consider in keeping your daycare sparkly clean and odour free, a definite must when enticing parents to sign up for your services:

Remember that as a daycare you are required to clean and sanitize in a daily schedule. Make a solution of a gallon of diluted bleach and this will be your cleaning regimen against those tough stains and germ contacting surfaces that may prove to be an infestation of filth and disease carrying bacteria. Remember that carpets should be cleaned and streamed at least every four months.

A good trick to keep your daycare smelling fresh all day is by baking cookies for that cosy warm breeze that will relax the children, and once it cools you can give it off as a treat. Air fresheners have toxic chemicals that can be bad for the children’s health.

Wash the sleeping bags, sheets and all forms of beddings at least once a week and immediately if it gets barfed on by a child and sanitize your diaper pail twice a day to get those nasty smell of diaper piles out.

5 tips to keep kids clean during flu season
During flu season it is imperative to keep the area clean and safe for children especially in a daycare. Season change is the primary responsible agent for flu season and for children it can be more difficult to handle. Here are some simple tips to remember to keep the flu virus at bay.

Washing your hands often is the number one protection any person can have against germs and pathogens that may cause influenza or spread it For your day care remember to provide a child proof disinfectant rub that they can use to sanitize when they finish their meal.

If a child has high fever stand firm and send them home. This can be inconvenient for parents who leave their kids to go to work but remember that isolating the child will help prevent the spread of illness and allow him to het much needed rest to recuperate from the flu.

Each time you find a child swallowing a toy or using their mouth to slobber day care paraphernalia with their saliva, remember to disinfect and have a bin where you can put these for sterilization later.

Remember to add a standard set of disinfecting tools that will be your staple when it comes to creating a sound and clean environment that is truly worthy of hospital clean standards.

Most importantly you can avoid the spread of disease and bacteria in the daycare center by proactively looking out for soiled diapers and be a conscientious agent when it comes to changing it and grooming the child. Keep each item separate for each daycare participant. Never share towels used to wash a child and maintain a separate stack of diaper, with the preferred brand of the parents in mind to maintain the outmost sanitation for both daycare and the child.

Trouble free plastic daycare cups
Disposable plastic cups are used widely for drinking beverages such as water, coffee , tea, fruit juices and milk. They can be found in restaurants, food chains, picnic groves and your occasional party, school event and of course the daycare. Plastic cups used in daycare is a convenient method of providing refreshments because of it’s sanitation and health awareness measures. You don’t need to wash them, put them in the dishwasher or use detergent and are easily available from your local department store or supermarket.

It is absolutely the best and safest way to use plastic cups in a daycare center because you can minimize clutter, save up on costs and make sure that the health and safest of the children come first. There are many colors, shapes and sizes of plastic cups that you can choose from that will be fun and enjoyable for the kids. You can purchase the non-disposable plastic cups similar to the kiddie drinks in restaurants if you have the time to wash them in your daycare.

You can customize the plastic cups even further by stamping it with your very own daycare logo so that you can create an identity and use it as a great advertising tool for your daycare center. Plastic cups have been a great help for daycare centers, and is highly recommended to be used as a means to provide refreshments in a clean and health conscious manner that makes the job easy and mess free during lunch and snack times.

Disposable plastic cup choices are perfect drinking utilities for food provision and are used by many consumers for small children to kids of median age. Imagine how difficult it could be during feeding time without the benefit of plastic cups. You can end up having a hard time when it comes to storage and finding out later that glass can be a dangerous item to bring inside the daycare. To make sure that you have a safe and worry free environment when it comes to serving refreshments to children then have a stable supply of plastic cups.

Plastic cups for your daycare are helpful when it comes to saving time money and energy. If your main concern is the spillage that kids often commit when they are using open  spouted plastic cups then there are daycare plastic cups that come with their own lid and straw. This way you can avoid spillage and avoid accidents happening during mealtime. If you are running a daycare it is your top priority to ensure that children are fed properly and safely.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Looking For A Day Care Center
« on: September 25, 2009, 08:43:15 PM »
Finally made the decision to send your child to a day care? This is one of the best decisions that you can ever make in your life. Especially when you are living a very busy life, you know that a day care will be the only solution that you will have. They are there to assist you when it comes to the needs of your child. During times when you are unable to look after your child, day care centers will always be there to offer a helping hand. They will make your life a lot easier, as you work for your family. You should not have any problem when making the decision whether you should work or stay home with your child.

One of the hardest part when it comes to sending your child to day care centers is choosing where to send your child. It is quite obvious that there are so many day care centers popping up from time to time, catering to the needs of so many working moms out there. You too, should not be confused, but instead, come up with a certain list of criteria that will allow you to make a sound decision when it comes to choosing the right day care for your child.

The primary concern that you should have would be the convenience of the working hours of the day care center. You need to know the working or the operating hours of the day care. You need to find a day care that will match your work schedule. What comes with this would be the distance of the day care of your choice. It should be somewhere in between your home or the office so that you will not have any problem when bringing and picking up your child from the day care. Allow for at least 30 minutes to one hour for pick up time to consider the travel time from place to place. It is important that you ask if they allow for late pick up for emergency situations. If they do not allow late pick up, might as well as them if they allow pick up by other authorized people. You need to comply with the rules that they have, because as a day care, they need to prioritize the safety of your child.

Speaking of safety, you need to make sure that you have a check on the different safety measures being practiced by the day care. First and foremost, you need to check for day care safety. Take a visit to their day care facility and see if they have any danger zones there. Sharp corners and edges should always be protected. Hard surfaces have to be covered with soft covering to prevent bumping hazards to occur. Day care centers have to have fire extinguishers, fire exits, alarms and protection from such accidents. You need to make sure that day care centers are equipped for such instances.

Besides from the physical safety, health should always be monitored in a day care center. Check for sanitation and cleaning procedures employed by the day care. They should maintain a clean day care so that illnesses, bacteria and germs will not be spread all throughout. The last thing that you would want to happen is that your child gets sick in a day care. This will double the stress that you have.

Asking for the curriculum of the day care will give you an idea on what is in store for your child. Each and every day care will have to have a different curriculum depending on what they think is important that children should learn. You should always ask for the lessons that are being taught to the child and see if it is in line with your goals for your child. Your child should get the proper education that he needs when he is in a day care center since this will be very important for the development of your child. They should have a balance of activities, touching each and every aspect of learning for your child. Sciences and arts should always be present in balance when you want your child to achieve optimum development in a day care.

It is important that you have an idea on the employment process of the day care center. Employees and staff members are an important part when it comes to the day care centers. You need to know that these people are competent enough to take care of your child. There are certain requirements that the day care must have set in order to ensure that the children are safe in the day care. They should know first aid, emergency protocols and be very keen to watch over the children since children can really be tricky to watch. These are some of the qualities which a day care staff should possess.
Make sure that whatever day care center you choose to send your child to, you need to maintain an open communication line with the provider. This is because the day care provider will always have to update you with whatever is happening to your child in the day care. You need to have a regular report of whatever is happening to your child so that you will have an idea on what is happening to your child. Always maintain an open communication line and always ask about your child.

Choosing a day care center will have to require you to have so much things to consider. Although these are so many things, these would lead you to a day care center that will give you the best care for your child. Never takes these things for granted because once you have missed one, you might be risking the safety of your child in the day care. Remember that your child is under the care of other people, so you really need to take the time and effort for looking for the best day care that will allow you to feel safe even when you are at work.

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Pointers on recordkeeping

It is very important for a business owner to have comprehensive and accurate records. Aside from the fact that recordkeeping is a necessity for the Internal Revenue Service it is also a guide in order to lessen your taxes and save money.

Always ask for a receipt for all the things you procure and put them together inside an envelope. A weekly inspection of your receipts and your checkbook is greatly advised.

Recording all your business transactions weekly is also a good habit. This will help you maintain the orderliness of your records. In addition this will prepare and make you ready for an audit.

It is recommended for you to have your own system of filing. You can use loose-leaf paper and manila folders wherein the folders are categorized and marked by month. Put 8 ½” by 11” sheets of paper at the front of every folder. This is where the transactions are recorded. All supporting documents on your transactions are placed inside the folder. Make sure that you have two sheets of paper indicating your income and expenses.

For each income, here are the things that should be listed on your paper:
•   Date received
•   Source
•   Amount received
•    Payment method
•   Reason for payment
•   Reference number

For each expense you need to include these in your list
•   Date
•   Who you paid
•   What you paid for/ item procured
•   Amount paid
•   Payment method
Remember to sort your receipts in each category you made and  put your put them in the correct folder.

Get the total amount of income and expenses every month by summing up all the values on your paper. Furthermore, add the monthly income and expenses to arrive to your annual income and expenses.

When the year has ended you can put your records in a 10” by 13” envelope and label the tax year. Remember to store it in a secure place so you could check them again if you need to.

How to Determine your Tax Deductions – Direct Expenses

Your expenses in the venture of your daycare business can be deducted from your income tax. So it is very important for you to have your records of all the business transactions you have undertaken. Having these and other supporting documents in the occasion of an audit will confirm to the Internal Revenue Service that the expense was valid.

Valid direct expenses get deducted totally from your income. For these expenses to be deducted, they need to be ordinary and necessary. The expense which is usual in your business is ordinary. The expense which is really needed in order to manage your business is necessary.

Written below is a list of the common expenses concerning your daycare enterprise. Take note however, that there are other expenses that you will incur in the venture of your business.

Advertisement fees
Bookkeeping fees
Books for the daycare
Car expenses
Daycare Furniture
Diapers and Wipes
Entertainment for the children
Equipment purchase
Equipment rental fees
Food for the children
Legal Fees
Magazines for the daycare
Office supplies
Other taxes
Printing charges
Telephone bills for the business line
Toys for the daycare
Truck Expenses

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When it comes to your own daycare center, it is very important for you to make sure that you hire only the best and most trusted employees that you can find and ask o work for you. The people that you will choose to hire should be ready to take on cleaning responsibilities as well as taking of children in general, of preparing lessons for children to study, activities that children can enjoy altogether and many others. Since you will be dealing with children, it is definitely important for you to be able to hire certain individuals who can be trusted and whom you know will have the longest patience when it comes to dealing with children.

By the name itself, the people you will hire for your daycare center are responsible of taking care of the children who are enrolled in your daycare center. You may also want them to teach the children or help with daily activities. They'll be needed to referee fights, make sure the kids are fed and clean and also to help with the basic day to day operation of your day care. The number of employees you need depends on the size of your business, where you work from and how many children you have in your care.

Generally, there should be at least one adult for every three kids, but it may differ state to state. Check your state requirements on the number of employees you should have. For family centers, some states require experienced child care workers. Others don't. If you have older children, you may actually hire someone who is experienced with teaching children. If your day care center caters to children with special needs, you may need to bring in an expert on learning disabilities (or whatever specialization you cater to), if you are not one yourself.

It's actually very good to hire child care workers who are already experienced or have some affinity for working with children. They will be able to recognize children's needs and use this to help develop your kids further. They will be doing everything from teaching them to share or tying shoelaces to handling medical emergencies or telling them not to eat glue. Having an employee who is experienced with such things can greatly improve your day care center.

Your future employees will be helping with baby care, time management, homework or whatever is needed depending on your day care kid's age range and abilities. They should be qualified and have at least a high school education.

You should keep in mind that the people you will hire to work for your daycare center should pass certain requirements. You cannot hire just about anyone who applies to work for you. They have to meet the certain standards that you set and make sure that these standards are strict and regulatory and at the same can actually and realistically be met.

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People nowadays work full-time which makes them busy, thus keeping them away from their families. When you don’t have enough time in attending to your child’s needs, seeking for a day care provider is a solution. Since more and more parents are in need of day care services, their prices are continually rising.

Some cannot afford the elevated price of alternative childcare. Others then give up their job since their salary is just spent on availing day care services. However, several factors must be weighed carefully in able to make the most practical decision.

Day Care Costs vs Your Job
As the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies reported, the average prices for day care services reach $474 per month. The cost for toddler and infant care is of higher rate and averages to $525 a month. It is therefore equal to an annual cost of $5,689 and $6,301, respectively.

Compare these values with your salary. Assume that you are earning an average of $30,000 a year. Your spouse is making the same amount of money.  Deduct the income tax, gas cost, household bills and all other expenses. Have estimation on what will be left and see if it will be enough to avail of a day care service. From the numbers, see if it’s more practical to keep the job and pay childcare cost or just lose the job and tend to the kids, yourself.

Child Care Service vs Cost
You may have several options when in need of a day care service. The available options, then, vary in price. Availing of a day care service program complete with facility and a staff will cost you more than just hiring a state-licensed nanny. Furthermore, the licensed nanny even costs more than just having a friend take care of your child. Your choice then will be dependent on the level of childcare you want your kids to receive.

Another Option: Home-Based Job
Opportunities for home-based works are also available. This can be an alternative option to consider, together with the expenses, salary and childcare costs. Saying you’ll have extra income of $1,000 each month, that’s $12,000 a year. Do another analysis of the numbers to know if this is a better option.

All of the factors must be made into consideration when deciding on whether or not you it is practical to sacrifice your job or just avail of the costly childcare service. You may want to review all your options and rationalize each to be able to compare them and conclude which of the given options you will be saving most. You have to consider all the pros and cons of just staying at home and taking care for your child rather than having a job and earning money. Seek other opinions. Ask those who chose to lose their job whether they are happy with their decision. However, the final decision will be based on your perspective and personal circumstances.

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The first day is always the big day!
Seeing your kid go to his daycare center for the first time can be your big source of happiness and stress. The experience is both terrifying and exciting. On the other hand, the first day is also one of the most anticipated moments of any daycare provider but aside from the excitement, there is the feeling of tension. For both the parents and the providers to deal with the process competently here are some considerations : 

As a mom, it is best to prepare your kids in advance about the things that is in store for him at the daycare. Steer clear the sense of curiosity but allow him to feel excited to finally leave his cocoon so he will be able to discover the outside world away from your house. Tell him that there will be a lot of friends and games. However, keep it low since overdoing the whole thing can overwhelm your child. For the provider, it would be helpful to give moms the first name of their kids. Allow the kids to play with dolls or toy cars during the first day to break down the tension felt by students.

It is important for moms to foster independence by allowing the kid to wash their own hands and other things. As much as possible, accompany your kid to the center at least a couple of time before the classes finally starts so your kid can absorb the environment better.

Pack everything that your kid will need during his first day at school such as a pack snack, comfort toys, changing clothes, and always ensure that everything is labelled. Kids tend to be too careless at times hence it is better for you to label his items to prevent the possibility of getting lost. Ensure that all forms are completed and all payments are settled to avoid being abstracted by these tasks. Wake up earlier than the usual so you will have lots of time to prepare everything.  Greet your kid with a good

breakfast and stir his sense of adventure by telling him what will happen ahead of the day.

If your kid suggests that he would like to help in packing his belongings, allow him to do so. When you arrive at the daycare center, hold his hands while you walk together through the room. Do not carry him since most kids would become afraid to let go after knowing that they have to stay on the new place without his mother.

Stay on the room during the first day; be always near his sight so he would feel comforted by your presence. If he wants to go out and be with you, allow him to do so for a few minutes but insist later on about his needs to stay inside the room. Be persistent but loving enough so your kid will feel comforted.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Building Your Day Care Business Name
« on: September 22, 2009, 09:52:27 PM »
One of the most powerful tools that has to do with marketing your day care business is building your brand and giving your business are really good and attractive business name.

The task of thinking and choosing the best and most attractive name for your daycare business is very important and should therefore be given a great deal of thought and consideration. You have to make sure that the name of the business that you will choose should fit the services you are to offer as well as the actual message you want to get across to your potential clients.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you choose the right name for your Daycare business.

What are the actual thoughts and feelings you want your day care business to convey? Do you want it to be more attractive to children by making it a little cutesy or more attractive to adults by giving your business a more matured branding?

Some people want their names to appear in the name of their business so that is what they simply do. They include their names in the actual name of their business like Mariol’s Daycare Business. This type of branding could be considered straightforward and direct however it does not actually attract potential clients. If I were the client I would simply ask myself “Why should I entrust my child/ren to Mariol? Who is she anyway?”

Regional (Chesapeake Child Care)

It is also relatively important that the name of your daycare business is creative but understandable. Make sure that it will clearly reflect the business that you are to offer but consummate it in an attractive and direct slogan.

It is important that you give a lot of thought and consideration when it comes to choosing the right business name for your daycare business so that you will be able to stick with it for the rest of your business’ years. It is not advisable that you would have to change the name of your business after several years because your clients might get confused and might no longer trust the kind of services you offer.

Avoid hard to spell and equally hard to pronounce names. You wouldn’t want your potential clients messing up the name of your business, right?

Check for availability to avoid any potential legal conflicts. Imagine investing your time and money into marketing materials, only to receive a cease-and-desist letter in your mailbox.

When you need just the right word, the Thesaurus is the ideal guide for a quick study in the synonym department.

Get down to brainstorming. - Come up with a master list of names and take it from there.

Register your domain name. - If you plan on having a website now's a good time to snap-up your domain before someone else does.

Limit the number of decision makers. - Decide who will have input in the naming process. Use the tips and ideas above to come up with a name that will be just the right fit for you. Don't rush yourself into coming up with a name too quickly, the time you invest in choosing a name for your daycare business is time well spent.

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Daycare centers are the place where we entrust our children while we are at work or while we attend to other important things. When children are left at the custody of a daycare center, they have to feel secured and well taken cared of at all times. The items that should be found in the daycare center should most likely be child friendly.

There are several daycare equipments you can find in a daycare center. The most important equipments are the ones that indicate a certain level of care and concern you have for the children. You have to keep in mind to avoid equipments that can be dangerous to children like pointed items and items made from glass. Whenever you think of buying equipments for your daycare center, keep in mind that you have to make sure they are perfect for children.

Toys are of course a great part of a daycare center. In fact, no daycare center could possibly work without toys in it. Make sure that the toys you have a big enough for children not to swallow and should of course be non-toxic to make sure that they couldn’t threaten the health of the children. You wouldn’t want accidents to take place in your daycare center, would you? However, accidents tend to be unavoidable. Therefore you might want to consider buying toys that are soft and made of plastic. You can make even the simplest types of toys to look attractive if you know how to choose the most attractive colors there are.

You might also want to purchase toys that will boost children’s curiosity and toys that are actually educational. You might also want to consider purchasing dough for your daycare center where children could explore their creative minds and ideas and craft them into their designs.

Brightly colored crayons and marker pens as well as stacks of paper also complete a Daycare center. Children are allowed to write, draw, color and design anything and everything that they fancy given that they are properly guided by daycare personnel. Of course you wouldn’t want your tables and chairs, as well as your walls to have writings on them, right?

Daycare centers should also have a wide range of gooks children could from. Those who love to read will be delighted with the many varieties of books available for them. Otherwise, those who cannot read yet could simply take a look at the colorful pictures that can be found in books.

You might even want to consider setting up a place where children could rest and sleep. This room could also serve as the place where children who are misbehaving could be talked to and the like.

You can find all these and more in just about every daycare center there is. In fact, almost all daycare centers offer the same equipments for children. If you want to bring to take your child to the best daycare center there actually is, you might want to consider looking for one now.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Daycare center - Easy Potty Training
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It is not a race
You should never treat potty training like it was a race because you will never gather any proof that those kids who were taught to potty earlier than other kids are more successful or happier as grown ups. Now as far as your child is concerned, you have to have the initiative and the time to really train your child and study the things that you need to do to better instil in your child how important potty training is. The thing is your child must be willing to be potty trained. As a parent it is your duty to make your child comfortable regarding the toilet by making your child sit on it with all his or her clothes on and tell him or her things about the toilet especially its purpose. When you want to potty train your child, then you will have to prepare yourself before you train your child. If you do not prepare for potty training your child, then you might as well not do it. Unfortunately, even if parents prepare themselves to help potty train their children, it is a known fact that this is field that parents do not have total control on. The key thing here is that you as a parent will have to make potty training appear enjoyable to your child. Do not make the mistake of forcing him or her to do it. There are some instances wherein the most patient of all parents get tired of potty training their children. If this happens to you, then it might help if you buy some potties that are suitable to children like those potty seats that play music, like some found in daycares.

Boys and girls
For mothers, it is much difficult to train boys because of the difference in anatomy between males and females. If you are one of these mothers having a hard time potty training your son, then it is best hat you seek advice from other mothers that you know have potty trained sons. Usually, it takes a lot more time to train boys compared to training girls. Boys lack the motivation which makes them less cooperative in potty training sessions in daycares.

Girls are more easy to train than boys in daycares. The main reason for this fact is that mostly it is the mothers who do the potty training routines. The one main proof that supports this fact is that mothers and daughters have the same anatomy. This is the main reason why daughters learn faster in potty training. Again, the main reason why it is easier for daughters to catch on in potty training is that it is their mothers who facilitate the training.
As an instrument for potty training daycares, charts are actually very easy to use and these charts can help you train your child on how to use the toilet properly. These charts are very easy to use. All you have to do is to have your child put a sticker on the chart after he or she uses the potty set or toilet.

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If you have your own daycare center, you of course want to make sure that you will hire the best employees – or people who can contribute and aid you to reach your success. You need to make sure that the applicants are qualified for the position that is why interviewing them is the thing you need to conduct to know your applicants.

You need to establish structure before you interview applicants, in this way; you can control of the interview and can gain all the information that you to in order to come up with a good decision.

There lots of things that you need to consider in making a structured interview, this is what you need to do, greeting and nonverbal assessment, brief conversation, 5-10 warm up questions, 20 behavioral questions, clarify concerns, ask for references, tell them to weigh things out and call them, make an handshake and say goodbye. Move to the next interviewers until the process is complete.

In order for you to effectively conduct the interview, you need to be prepared ahead of time. There are questions that you need to ask yourself in order to effectively establish a structure interview. Who will conduct the interview? How many applicants will be interviewed? What format of interview will you use (series, face to face, panel, sequential, group)? How much time will you allocate for each interview? What will be the questions that you will ask your applicants?

Yes, an applicant will arrive in time, properly dressed up, that would be great, but of course, you can't just base it with that. You need to assess their non-verbal signs and actions. Look at how your applicant sits during the interview. Are the applicants taking notes or just drawing? Do they look you directly in the eye when they speak and do they listen attentively to what you have to say or not? Yes, there are applicants who do not pay attention with the interviewer, so you need to check out the behaviors of your applicants.

Ask the experiences of your employees; make sure that they have dealt with kids before. If you are seeking for caregivers, it is best that they have done babysitting before. If you are seeking for teachers, make sure that they have enough experiences and expertise in order to assure that the kids will learn from them.

Clarify and confirm information about the applicant's educational attainment and work history. The applicant should be competent enough for the position; you need to see those qualities in a particular applicant before hiring him/her is good enough for the position. The applicant must have the patience and compassion for kids as well as this will be the main focus of your business.

You would realize how important it is to take these things seriously because once you’ve hired an employee, you automatically become liable to them. Remember that people know the saying that first impressions last that is why they always try to give their best foot forward. Be prepared too with who they really are and how they really work which you can only gauge once they’ve started working with you.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / How To Organize Daycare Center Space
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Daycare centers are becoming one of the most stable sources of income for many young working families everywhere nowadays. With the increase in commodity prices every year, it has become extremely difficult for families with children to survive simply on one income. This has forced both the mother and the father of many families to go out of the house and earn for a living.

The steady increase in the daycare center business is principally due to this need. Not to mention that daycare centers are not that expensive.  While it is true that daycare center business has become an easy income generating opportunity, it has a fair share of problems and expenses too. With the increase in the amount of  government taxes imposed on the daycare center industry, daycare center operators  are now finding ways to cut down costs and operates as efficient as possible, so as they can still expect for a profit at the end of every month.

If you are a daycare center operator or if you are planning on starting a daycare center business, then your main priority is the expenses for the cost of the space.  The cost of real estate space is a big aspect of daycare center operations.  This is true whether you are planning on renting or buying a space. This is the reason why you need to carefully organize your daycare center space as neatly as possible so that you can have an ample space to take care of the children efficiently at the lowest possible cost per child.  In this article, we will discuss one method that will help you organize the limited space that is available to you without having to own a bigger facility.

To maximize the space, we need to use the office cubicle partitions. As you know it, every administrative office in the world nowadays uses office cubicles for its employees in the front offices. You could use the same office cubicles for the various activity areas in your daycare center. Since these cubicles come in various height levels, you could choose the height that is appropriate for your own center.  In addition, these cubicles come in various exciting colors and shades nowadays that will let your center look and feel professional without the need for building physical walls that are expensive and may need building permits from your city engineering office. Additionally, since these office cubicles are not sound proof and they are generally acoustically poor, it works to your advantage because you can hear what the children are saying or if there is an emergency in any one of the cubicles. The cubicles can also be used to partition  certain areas such as reading, eating areas and so on and that will also teach children the value of designated areas for designated activities.

The simple use of cheap office cubicles in your daycare center can help optimize a limited space without the need for spending a lot of money on renovations or getting larger space for lease or purchase.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Financing Your Daycare Center
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Starting your own daycare center is fun and exciting. It can provide you a lot of extra income and you get to enjoy what you love to do which is take care of children. Although you really don’t need a big capital to start your own daycare system, you still need to be able to compensate for any unforeseen costs and you would want to be prepared. If you really need an initial capital, there are a number of ways you can avail of them.

Here are a few of suggestions to where you can get the much needed fund for your daycare system.

•   Personal Funds. Having enough money in your bank account is a great way to start your own business. You will not need to borrow money from anyone or any financial institution. Having the extra money in your account will help your daycare business get off the ground

•   Friends and Family. If you lack the funds to start your own daycare you may want to consider friends and family to loan you some money. Your loved ones may have some extra cash that they would want to invest. Your daycare center can provide them a venue to invest their money in and you can propose an incentive or a payback scheme so that they will be enticed to invest in your business.

•   Financial Institution Loans. Banks and other financial institutions can provide you with the much needed funds. Bank loans will require certain things before they can even grant the loan. They would want to get a good look at your business proposal and see if it is feasible. Aside from that there would be interests and monthly payments that would need to be paid. You need not worry about this, since once you have your business off the ground you would be able to start your payments. Payment terms may vary depending on what you and the bank have agreed upon. Just be sure that once you have the funds to pay regularly and do not miss any payment scheduled.

•   Grants for Daycare. You may not be aware that the government and some organizations provide grants to small deserving businesses. Child care is becoming one of the major priorities and concerns of a lot of people and most organizations will be willing to give the grant to the right person. The beauty about these grants is that they need not be paid back. It’s not impossible to find these grants however it can be rather difficult to get one since there are a lot of others who are gunning for this.

These are just but some of the common ways you can get funding for our daycare centers. You will have to choose one or if you have other ideas to get the funds from don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps. Remember in any business you need to be a bit aggressive or else it will not get you anywhere. So check out your options and find what best suits you.

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Leaving a child in a day care center is now a necessity for working parents as there is no time anymore for them to care for their children at home.  While it is easy for parents to just drop off their child in the day care center, it is not the same kind of feeling for the child.  Most children in day care centers suffer from separation anxiety which could have a lingering effect on them.  Parents therefore must take actions to prevent the child from having the feeling of insecurity and unease while being dropped off at the daycare. The idea of being separated from the parents and being left at the daycare center must be a wholesome idea for the child.

Separation anxiety disorder typically occurs in young children who are extremely unwilling to separate from major attachment figures such as parents, siblings, or from home. Separation anxiety occurs also when a child develops an attachment to a baby sitter or caregiver when the parents go away and will manifest by the time the sitter or caregiver has to leave.

Separation anxiety is characterized by excessive worry about potential harm toward oneself such as getting sick or having an accident in school while the protective parents are away.  The anxiety can also include worries about what may happen to the parents after they have dropped off the child in the daycare center. These excessive, and of course unfounded, worries may manifest in some somatic complaints such as trembling, headaches, stomach aches, nausea, sweating, and in some extreme cases even nightmares.

Parents, therefore, must know how to make the child secure while being dropped off.  They must remove the child's fear of being abandoned by the parents, a child's major fear as they always draw emotional support from them.  Parents must be aware of cognitive-behavioral treatments that are focused on teaching the child major skills to identify the physical reactions to anxiety. Children must be taught how to identify their thoughts in anxiety-provoking separation situations together with the corresponding plan to cope or adapt with the situation.

Children need to be taught also how to evaluate the success of the coping strategies employed to eliminate the separation anxiety.  They also must learn how to praise themselves for positively coping up with the separation without the resulting anxiety.

Parents can also employ other strategies to eliminate separation anxiety by the use of behavioral strategies like modelling, role playing, relaxation training, and other reinforced practices.  Parents must develop a list of situations or activities that may prove challenging to the children such as attending a party without the parents or staying home with only a sitter or caregiver around.  These are situations where the children can be slowly taught how to apply their coping skills and they must be properly rewarded with praise and encouragement as they show any degree of success.

Most importantly, parents must interact with their children in such a manner that will not inadvertently reinforce their fears of separation.

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Post Your Business Opportunities Here / Playgrounds are more than just play!
« on: September 17, 2009, 09:50:05 PM »
Playgrounds are one of the favorite places of a child. This is where they are free to run and play with other children. But aside from giving them fun, playgrounds offer a great opportunity for children to learn important social skills that they can apply later on in their life. It doesn’t not only promote physical fitness to children, but also equips their communicating and social skills. There are a lot ways on how a playground can contribute to a child’s social abilities.

The playground is a place for young children to gain friends. This is where they start to learn how to interact with other children as well. It gives them the idea that they are not the only one who uses the playground. Thus, they need to cooperate with other kids. They start by making turns with the equipment. Then eventually, they overcome their shyness and ask the names of other kids. Before the day ends, they have gained new friends whom they share their games that are packed with their imaginations.

Playgrounds help children to learn the value of sharing. They learn how to share the equipment such as see-saw, slides, swing etc. Since the playground has more or less one of each kind of equipment, they have to take turns and share the opportunity to use the playground. It also teaches the kids how to be patient. They have to fall in line and wait for their turn.

Children enhance their communication and social skills in playgrounds. It is where they finally interact with people whom they don’t know personally. They learn how to approach another kid who is a stranger for them. They use their communication skills to interact with other kids and finally to get to know them. They would learn to ask for help as well as help someone who is need. It also makes them learn the value of compassion. They also learn how to negotiate when it comes to sharing playground equipment with others. Playing other games with a group of kids also teach them what teamwork is. Whenever they lose, they learn how to be a good sport.

Playground also serves as avenue for a child’s creative imagination skills. They usually use their imaginations in role playing with other children as well. They turn the playground into a space shuttle, a jungle, a ship and a lot more. Using imagination is a healthy exercise for the mind because it brings about the creativity of the kids.

Daycare centers should really invest in playground facilities because it does not only provide fun and enjoyment to the kids. Playground facilities contribute a lot also in the development of social and communicating skills as well as values that are fundamental to a child’s growth. It teaches them the value of sharing, patience, teamwork, being good sport, compassion, friendship and a lot more. These skills and values are the key to the success of your children as they grow to be a better person.

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