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Everything Else / Re: Benefits of digital advertising.
« on: February 01, 2019, 04:16:23 AM »
Now a days there are so many kind of things which we can use to advertise and one of them is digital signage. Digital signage is Quite good option for advertising. Now a days digital advertising displays play an very important role in advertising your products and attract your local customers you can display so many different different kind of things that you want.

Digital Signage or displays nowadays are becoming the bridge between the static and digital advertising. It helpful in many ways like building brands, marketing, showcasing produvts and many more.
Thanks for this post

Post Your Articles Here / Economical Menu Board Options
« on: February 01, 2019, 04:04:17 AM »
When opening any new restaurant there are a tremendous amount of “boxes to check” in regards to equipment, furniture, signage, etc that you need to acquire prior to opening.  It is not uncommon that the menu boards are one of the last things to be looked at prior to “cutting the ribbon.” [/size]Operators get hung up on the menu options themselves and have a mindset that you cannot begin with the menu boards if it is not 100% complete.  This is a false narrative.[/color]
[/size]Read More...[/color]

Post Your Products & Services Here / Do you own an Automotive Shop?
« on: February 01, 2019, 03:56:19 AM »
Automotive displays and signage from Origin Digital Signage, a leader in the signage and display industry, will help repair shop, body shop and service center owners and managers to attract, keep and build a loyal customer base at automotive repair shops, car service centers, [/color][/size]auto body shops[/color][/size] or [/color][/size]automotive dealerships[/color][/size].[/color][/size]Our automotive signage options also include:[/color]
  • Business ID signage.
  • Rate displays.
  • Special promotion announcements.
  • In-store counter displays.
  • Point-of-sale advertising monitors.
Contact us today here,
Digital Signage

Everything Else / Re: ⚡Do you use Social Bookmarks?
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:31:53 AM »
Thanks for your tips. I also use those, it is really helpful.

Post Your Articles Here / Question to Ask to Companies
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:28:56 AM »
With the ongoing development of digital signage both from a software and hardware perspective, it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to determine which company and it’s solution would be best for their business.
[/size]Read More: [/color][/size]Questions to Ask Digital Signage Companies[/font][/color]

Post Your Articles Here / List of Questions to Ask.
« on: December 18, 2018, 07:42:18 AM »
With the ongoing development of digital signage both from a software and hardware perspective, it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to determine which company and it’s solution would be best for their business.

So where to begin?  How do people know if they’re getting something that will work for them?  We’ve compiled a list of questions that should help them navigate the ever-deepening seas of digital suitors.  This list certainly isn’t the be all and end all but it will serve as more than a good start.

Read more: Questions to Ask Digital Signage Companies

Post Your Articles Here / Drive-thru Menu Board Ordering Process
« on: November 22, 2018, 03:49:32 AM »
Setting up your drive-thru lane can be much more straight forward than people think. The key to doing it the correct way is to accomplish certain items in a roundabout order. For instance, you wouldn’t order your drive-thru menu board before having at least an idea of what you might be offering.  The following steps shouldn’t be considered the same for all locations due to the fact that some may find themselves in “build mode” where others may be taking over a pre-existing drive-thru location, remodeling, or adding to an existing location that has never had the lane.

Step 1- Get With The Town
Many of our customers work with General Contractors who will handle this for them, however for those who are even thinking about adding a drive-thru to their location, it isn’t as easy as ordering and erecting.  You need to get with your township and apply for a permit.  Failing to do so can result in fines and/or removal of your drive-thru equipment.

Step 2- Rough Idea of Your Menu
You may think a 2-panel drive-thru will work for you when in fact you’d need a 4 panel to accommodate your menu.  Sometimes these types of misjudgments can leave you with less than what you need or push you into a budget that would be cost prohibitive.  As long as you have a 3/4 idea of what you might want to offer outside, that is enough to get started.

Step 3- Order Your Menu Board
A common misconception is that if you order your drive-thru you immediately become married to the size you’ve selected.  This is not the case, well with us anyways.  We take the menu and your color schemes and lay everything out on the drive-thru size you and your sales rep have arrived at.  We’ve seen boards go taller, shorter, wider, etc through this process.  It isn’t until you’ve approved your layout that you’d become “locked in.”

Step 4- Get the Site Ready
In an a-typical, single lane, single drive-thru location you’d need to get vehicle detection in place as well as the appropriate conduit.  In this scenario, a single 3/4″ conduit to the speaker and mic enclosure and another 3/4″ conduit to power the drive-thru would suffice.  In addition, you should acquire the bolt pattern for the base so you can have the anchors “ready and waiting.”  All of this may require a variety of trades (i.e. electrician, masonry, etc) depending on your lay of the land.

Not too complicated right?  Sure there may be some oversimplification however other than the permits and budget to accomplish the set up of a drive-thru lane, there are rarely other impeding obstacles in your way.  Your lane may take on a different look with canopies, clearance bars, awnings, order confirmation screens, etc that will require more TLC but the process and steps along the way remain mostly the same.

Origin Digital Signage, a leading supplier of indoor, outdoor digital signage solutions and products, knows the value of having the right restaurant signage and can make or break a business anytime. The quality of the digital signage solutions in your stores can significantly affect sales, profitability and brand identity. Our team understands all of the components that go into building a digital display system. We tailor each digital signage system to the aesthetic of your business.

Post Your Articles Here / Greater Revenues With Digital Drive-Thrus
« on: August 27, 2018, 09:14:50 AM »

Typically, QSR management devotes the greatest portion of attention and investment to the dining room, and relatively little concern is devoted to the Drive-Thru lanes. Given that the typical location derives more than twice the revenue from the Drive-Thru lane than it does from inside, this can be a very poor allocation of resources.

Emblematic of this error is the fact that while most QSR’s have incorporated modern Digital Signage in their dining rooms, many Drive-Thru lanes are still serviced by old-fashioned painted or printed signage.

Keep that Line Moving
The number one goal QSR management should keep in mind for the Drive-Thru lane is to avoid delays because nothing will discourage a customer from returning to your establishment more so than a long wait in the queue. Digital Signs, with their animations and eye-catching graphics, will quickly focus their attention on the task at hand, and facilitate quick choices. And, if you take the next step and install digital ordering kiosks along the Drive-Thru pathway, your customers can complete the ordering process more quickly still, with no possibility of error and with no time-consuming vocal interaction with your staff.

Day Parting
Why advertise your breakfast specials in the evening when they are not available, or hot chocolate on warm days and lemonade in the winter? Not only does this have the potential of causing disappointment among the portion of your patrons who would, actually, like bacon and eggs later in the day, but it will also slow down the line as customer attention is diverted from the consideration of choices that actually are available. With old-style painted or printed signage, this scenario is impossible to avoid, unless you want to deploy members of your staff to manually change the signs multiple times during the course of the day.

With Drive Thru Digital menu boards, you can change the message you impart to your customers as often as you need to at the touch of a button on your smartphone or with a few key clicks on your laptop.

If you’ve already installed Digital Displays in your dining room, you already know the basics, so that smart move is to complete the modernization of you QSR by extending the innovation to your Drive Thru lane.

Hello all, We are a leading supplier of Digital Signage and Digital Displays across the New York state. We have a team of sigange industry experts who works to meets your exact needs and that's our thing which keeps us on top from last 9 years in signage industry. And also we are looking forward to connect with the fellows of same or similar interest here.

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