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Title: Money, Media and Entertainment.
Post by: jamthoms on June 12, 2009, 05:34:00 am
The entertainment sector is the biggest money making sector in the world today. With its reach and infrastructure it has toppled the retail sector as well as the petroleum sector, the latter of which was solely responsible for determining the economy of a country almost single handedly. The Glitz and Glamour associated with this business lures many individuals to consider the zone as a serious carrier option. The amount of money and business involved in making a film (commercial as well as art house) is huge, effort involved is enormous and these factors are finally decided by aggressive marketing through proper media channels.

India is one place where Film stars are worshipped next to god. Celebrities are always sought after and always in the hunt. Whether it is an important felicitation civil ceremony, the marriage of an important person in city or the unraveling of a painting or a mall celebrities are always looked upon to grace the occasion as it gives it a touch of importance and most importantly publicity. The Media and Entertainment industry is always in news for some happenings or the other. Public Relation Agencies ( are hired by corporate Movie Production Companies to highlight their current happenings so that they stay in the reckoning even when they don’t have anything substantial to offer. When a big banner film is due for release and is in the post production stage it would need innovative marketing strategies to create hype so that it garners enough attention to bring in the initial audience and in the process recover maximum amount of money that was invested.

Advertising agencies play an important role in promoting the films initial trailers and snapshots. Having it promoted in hoardings or through products generally termed as In Film Marketing ( has every chances of grasping the viewer’s eye, especially if it has important personalities associated with it. The concept of In film Marketing arose from the idea that placing a product in a film where the audience is glued to the screen and has no alternatives like switching channels. Advertising Agencies create innovative strategies all different from one another to lure in the initial audiences. Event Management companies hosts annual events where forth coming attractions are displayed to generate enough curiosity amongst movie lovers. Major promotions through media offline or online will require unique creativity, proper media planning & buying and budget fixing.

When a Movie Production Company ( opts to start a new venture it seeks the aid of a public relation agency to have it officially announced. After the production and entire shooting is completed and it is in the stages of post production it looks to market the initial teasers. The best place to have this done is when any special event is being hosted and is being attended by heavy weights and has a strong audience viewing it through television. This kind of events is publicized with the help of Event Management Companies and Media Planning & Buying Agencies. All in all a lot of money, effort and time is involved that makes the final product spectacular.
Title: Re: Money, Media and Entertainment.
Post by: Hammerhead on January 12, 2021, 07:39:13 am
We are also international event management company in India with organised worldwide events.