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Try Fixed-Odds Online Trading plus a Free £20 trade
« on: March 14, 2008, 10:29:29 AM »
-------------------------------------------- - The Smarter way to trade

"For trading the world's financial markets, this is the best site to use that I have ever found" - Mr M Shaw. Pontypool, Wales.

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BetOnMarkets is the leading multi-award winning Fixed Odds Financial Trading website.

You can trade currencies, indices and stocks, up, down and sideways, from 6 seconds to six months.

* Plus there are no fees, or taxes to pay.

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Win high payouts yet your maximum risk is limited to your stake. With fixed odds financial trading you can bet on the financial markets with as little as £5 or as much as £50,000.

It's easy to use, simple to sign up and impossible to lose more than your stake: a huge advantage over many other riskier forms of financial trading. You are the one in control at all times. No nasty surprises with a sudden market dip.

The variety of trades available on mirrors all conceivable market conditions. You can adjust your positions according to any situation that arises, by cutting a loss or locking in a profit. offers you much more, so whatever happens, you can make money.

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** Just like these real BetOnMarkets clients below:

Mr T.K, built his deposit of £7,940 into a profit of £153,839 by day trading with BetOnMarkets.

Mr A.H, built his deposit of £415 into a profit of £112,513 by trading Range bets with BetOnMarkets.

Mr A.K, built his deposit of £642 into a profit of £102,478 by trading
Intraday Doubles with BetOnMarkets.

† Claim a FREE £20 Trade! If you quote 'FAB' when you open a new account with the link below:

No Spreads or Commissions

BetOnMarkets has just launched a series of fantastic new trades called the Flash Bets. Fast, fun and furious, these trades are a simple prediction that the market will either finish up or down from a time period of 2 minutes up to 15 minutes for a 100% return. Best of all, there are no spreads or commissions.

Open an account and insert the following promotional code: 'FAB' for a FREE £20 trade.

Get Started Now! Go to: is pleased to announce being voted the 'Best Fixed Odds Financial Trading Provider' at this year's 2007 Shares Awards. † Terms & conditions apply, see website for details. Warning, fixed odds financial betting can incur losses as well as gains. * Always consult an qualified tax adviser ** Audited Figures

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