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A viral video easily piques people's curiosity. It helps in brand recognition and consumer engagement , that is, it helps to generate and nurture leads . Digital marketers agree that video is one of the most effective ways to get people's attention. According to a report by YouTube , in the last year, views of the content of the 100 most influential international brands have doubled. The video's potential is evident, but creating and publishing it on social networks is not enough for it to go viral. It's important to invest in quality to make sure people see it through to the end. Once you have a good video, you need to know how to publish it, that is, encourage likes, comments and shares . In this article, we've put together the 13 tips that we consider to be the most important to start publishing good videos that appeal to your followers.

Video as a tool in your Digital Marketing strategy 1. To create a viral video, first of all, companies must have a defined Digital Marketing plan . It is essential to contextualize it in a strategy that aims to generate and nurture leads and close sales. Is the video intended to make the company known? Does it aim to inform potential customers about the business area? If the content is not designed to  certain objectives, it will not bring results Australia Email List Trust in your is at the base of your followers' sharing. Create a video that offers something more to those who follow your work and that brings them closer to you. The process of creating a viral video 3. Many marketing professionals capture organic and spontaneous moments worthy of sharing.

But there are few companies that can support the costs of a team focused on looking for spontaneous content . Instead, most video campaigns start with an idea, followed by a storyboard. 4. The company's budget will dictate the technologies to be used in the video production . If you have difficulties at this stage, use the tools available online . When and how to post a video online 5. Plan your video publication date well . Avoid event days, conducive to sharing a lot of content online. Whenever possible, use current topics and relate them to the content of your videos. Attention: to work, be quick to share the video and ensure that the content is relevant. It's not worth using topics of the moment if they have nothing to do with your product or service. 6. The title of a viral video needs to be short enough to make it easy to share on social media . By the way, it must be original.

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