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Review: A Lead Theft Prevention System / Viral URL
« on: February 14, 2017, 09:14:13 PM »

Introduction: Welcome To Day1MarketingInc.™
Review: A Lead Theft Prevention System / Viral URL

CEO & Founder: Jarvis Cloud Sr.
Co  Founder & CEO: Keomeshia Shakell Cloud

Blog Site:


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Hi, my name is Jarvis Cloud Sr., of Day1MarketingInc.™,
"The Online Marketing Elementary"
A place where Beginners can Begin to Grow.

I am here to introduce myself, our company, Day1MarketingInc.™, and our vision.

My experience in online marketing is considered a novice and is fairly new, 3 years of Internet Marketing experience, and everyday still learning something new.

My past 3 years in online marketing, has been an uncomfortable situation for me. I have always had good customer service skill, being a people's person, good at managing and running a business.

Previous owner of a local music shop, AMF Records™, promotional music and music dvd's, and I did what I have learned through internet marketing a word that is known as Scaling the Market, and had grown from just promoting cd's and dvd's to operating a full fledge business, and was very successful in the scale of that particular market.

A minor set back occurred, and I lost everything, a situation that I believe that was unavoidable and the very same situation which has me here today as an Internet Marketer.


Being introduced to internet marketing, I was a beginner with the mindset of an entrepreneur. So I was the perfect target to the online marketers who seen me as a Buyer Lead.

Buyer Leads are the most important part in internet marketing, because at the end of the day, you want to make sales, and buyer leads are what make that sale complete.

So as an experienced marketer and promoter already, I was confident that if I had the right product I would be able to make a sale, oh was I wrong!

Bombarded by all the "Get Rich Quick Schemes" and The Sharks's at One Time, and boy were they good.

Experienced liars are what I call them now, becauses there is no get rich quick way in internet marketing, especially if you are a beginner on a budget, you will have to learn through the school of hard knocks.

The part of internet marketing mindset was already on me, so having to coerced into making a business decision about investing was not the issue, so I was considered green, and was buying into systems, that made claims, even a 7 year old could do it, no experience necessary, make $3,000 a week in the next 30 days, and even know 3 years later, I have not been able to make that happen, without experience, it is a lie.


Upsales, had become a new monster, the more I thought I knew, the more I realized I was being dragged along. Product after product was making such bold statements about how much money can be made with their systems, and the more I invested, the more I needed to invest to put together the system that I originally sold in the beginning of the sale, in which eventually disappeared, the more I was caught up in their sales funnel.

I had even realized by know, these products and system are not even the systems that the marketers are using themselves, the products that they were using, those products were not being promoted, which always had given them a clear advantage to making the sales and getting the leads, day to day.


I was not the first, and will not be the last, to get caught up in the internet marketers Great Sales Pitches and productive products. Not that the product itself is not a valuable product or a service is provided through the product, it is the way I was lead to believe that I was able to make money off of the product with little or no experience needed, and that type of marketing is just a bald face lie.

I'm sorry to say, but you just bought a sack of rocks. This program will do you no good, it would probably not even do an experienced marketer any good, you've just been got again, darn it!

So I continue to seek out the best products, cost effective, informative, and provide results. Internet Marketing is like customizing a vehicle, if you do not have an already proven franchise or top tier business in place that has been tested and proven, then you will have to learn each component of your vehicle to be able to successfully drive the type of targeted traffic that is needed to your site yourself, there are no stumble upons in internet marketing, you will have to put in the work.


Strangely and frankly I am still learning day to day. I have not mastered marketing on the internet because it is so much to learn as an internet marketer. Things that work this day may not work tomorrow, things I've learned today may neither be any good tomorrow as well. The market is ever changing and also evergrowing.

The main thing I learned is to be patient. Patience is a very valuable necessity in internet marketing, all around the board. Leads do not instantly convert into buyers, knowledge does not instantly convert into know how, and an online business does not instantly become a success. It will all take time, even to learn that creating blogs were a critical tool in online marketing, it all took patience, and it all took time.

As a natural coach, leader, and friend, my niche market was automatically targeted to teaching others on how to become entrepreneurs online, and my sincerity and passion to honestly want to help others is a tool that I have that will allow me be a success.

You can be a success as well if you genuinely want to provide a service and to help others, because those who just wanted to make those quick sells by selling all that hype, honestly will only last for a short period of time.

This was also the secret to AMF Records™, and will also be the secret  to Day1MarketingInc.™ Not that it is a secret that anyone doesn't know, but one that is down on the inside that surpass all understanding.

So here at Day1MarketingInc.™ for the past 3 years I have been hesitant to almost promote anything, because if I did not
 see any results, the program was selling a done for you system that was not done for you, I did not even try to promote it until I seen the system work for me. If it could not create a work flow for me, create a funnel for me, a done for you website for me, without the on and on upsells to do what you promised from the beginning, I did not even care to promote because it was promoting a lie.

So I have come across some systems that are very great and I don't have to sell them, these systems will complement your internet marketing experience and will most definitely enhance your internet marketing knowledge.


Lead theft was something as an new internet marketer I did not even know exist. Until I felt like a victim, time over and over again, not really sure, not even sure right now, but I sure feel like a victim. The first time I heard about lead theft was through another marketer, he did not want to share his URL on facebook and I was instructed to inbox him or to send an email address, ok, what is this all about, I asked myself? He also mentioned lead theft in his text as he was also a victim himself and was taking the precautions of not being another victim of the plot at hand.

Well shortly a few weeks, I was researching through some sites, and come across a message, "Stop Lead Theft" and instantly I was thinking back as to when I check my tracking to my sites, how many clicks I have and no signups and no conversions. Something is up, and I was just unsure about what it was, so continued to read the information about Lead Theft and how 300% of all leads are stolen every day. Now when I seen 300% leads are stolen every day, I was shocked even a number even existed, how is anybody making any sales or obtaining leads I thought, so I continued on until I read
it was free for a limited time,  and I thought a lead theft prevention system for free, let me go ahead and reserve my position.

So as I pursued to gain access to the system, the page access to the url embed was inactive, I could not proceed, I clicked, I clicked some more, I scrolled down to another portion of the page, clicked click click, nothing at all, and by now, I'm so fascinated by the information I am seeing, because I feel and felt like a victim, and needed a solution to stop wasting my efforts, why was I getting so many click but no conversions, so as I tried once more to activate the links in the page, without thinking I copied and pasted the url in the link above to search for an active link to the system.

A that very moment, I had become an Lead Thief, to my unawares, but how did I find out? Let me explain, as I entered the url and entered into another site with an active link available, I noticed I was on another site, maybe for about 20 seconds the first time, I said ok, here we go and as I scrolled to the place of access, the page returned to the original page I was on concerning that very same information. I was like, no, no, hold up, I'm trying to get access to the information and the product.

So I tried again, erased the url and entered another url concerning the same information and topic, now look at me, I am a lead thief and don't even know it. So I continue and place the url link in again, and the page appears only for about 5 seconds this time before it instantly took me back to the original page that didn't work again. I was confused, I never had this happen before, not that I knew what was happening, I would see one site, and then it would just change to another site as if it was connected to my browser someway, somehow.

And then it happened, the link on the page finally allowed me access, and I completed the process. Now meanwhile as I am completing the access information, I am reflecting back on the situation and what had just happened. And as I continued and gained access to the product and read just a little bit further, I read some of the features and It was just describing the accounts I just had as I was trying to enroll.

Now I am really confused because now I am being identified as a lead thief myself, from the descriptions of lead theft. Surely as that was just an honest mistake and technical difficulties triggered the event, never the less, it was categorized as an lead theft, cool, im guilty, and if I was just guilty that easily at my unawares, how many more people are just as guilty unaware and even aware themselves.

My mind shifted to any many of the accounts on what may and could trigger these honest mistakes. Simply reading an email attached to a link that is not secured with this system, and the recipient remember the name and want to review it at a latter date, and in the review the link is exposed, and the individual enroll under the person who done the review, simple mistake, unaware, lead theft.

And the list goes on, and on, and on, with unintentional to intentional lead theft, now what is the cure or the solution,
Viral URL

Here at Day1MarketingInc.™ our goal is to keep you updated
with the best informative information for online marketers alike.
Online beginners have to learn the ropes of online marketing and that the predators are here to
stay, so we have to be careful, and even in our ignorance we to ourselves can
harm or help the next person in line along this marvellous journey. I am
here to stay, internet marketing has become a passion and a new found way
of survival, but my survival is not based on harming others, it is based on
bringing those together that are willing to educate themselves through the
process of Day 1.

Day1MarketingInc.™ is a process, and the process of Day1MarketingInc. is
to look on into everyday with a mindset that failure is not an option. We
believe that everyday is geared to a brighter future if success is on your map
along the way. Patience is a Virtue, and this is the Re-Beginning Of
Day1MarketingInc.™ "The Online Marketing Elementary"

Until we meet again,
Ps: Free Access To Free Tools
Compliments Of Day1MarketingInc.™


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Jarvis Cloud Sr
Keomeshia Shakell Cloud
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Re: Review: A Lead Theft Prevention System / Viral URL
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The Kia Challenge is [/size]a viral TikTok trend attributed to a series of motor vehicle thefts targeting Kia and Hyundai vehicles in the United States manufactured between 2011 and 2021[/color][/size]. The trend, which began in October 2022, has led to eight fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.[/color]

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