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Post Your Products & Services Here / Re: Document Creation Service
« Last post by scanlab on May 18, 2023, 07:45:24 AM »
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Review from a nearby site. Part 2:

Dear friends!
Contact for communication
Serggik00 New contact
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Always check the contacts of the service, fakes are operating.
If possible, do verification through private messages on the forum.
Do you need the ultimate WordPress maintenance and hosting service? experts can fully maintain and manage your WordPress website. Our maintenance plans include unlimited website changes and revisions, managed web hosting, website and plugin updates, full security, and 24/7 expert support. We can manage all WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and themes.

Why choose for WordPress maintenance? is a technical website maintenance company. Our aim is to make sure that every individual website subscribed to our plans runs well, is up to date, and is secure at all times. We want you to think of us as your technical partners, giving you peace of mind. Our offering is unique. We manage the hosting environment and your WordPress site. Unlike most maintenance providers, this is our only focus - our plans are not loss-leaders for web design or development projects. Think of us as your in-house tech team. We are constantly monitoring your site and keeping it up to date. Crucially, because we do it at scale, our plans are incredibly good value - starting at just £39 per month.

Check out WordPress maintenance & hosting solutions:

One-off Task
£59 - A single fix from our team of experts.
Malware removal
WordPress migration
Fix a Broken Site
White screen of death
Contact forms error
WooCommerce Checkout Error
Fix my site

Care Plan
£39/mo - per month per site.
WordPress maintenance
Security & malware protection
Plugin & theme updates
Superfast WordPress hosting
Premium email
Website backups
Website monitoring
24/7 technical support
Staging sites

Unlimited Plan
£79/mo - per month per site.
WordPress maintenance
Security & malware protection
Plugin & theme updates
Superfast WordPress hosting
Premium email
Website backups
Website monitoring
24/7 technical support
Staging sites
Unlimited website tasks

Complete Plan
£159/mo - per month per site.
WordPress maintenance
Security & malware protection
Plugin & theme updates
Superfast WordPress hosting
Premium email
Website backups
Website monitoring
24/7 technical support
Staging sites
Unlimited website tasks
Speed and page optimisation
A dedicated server (8GB)

Are there discounts for multiple sites?
A second site gets you 10% overall discount.
A fourth site gets you 25% overall discount.
A tenth site gets you 30% overall discount.
For over 20 sites please contact us.
Discounts apply to the care and unlimited plans only.

Everything included. All-inclusive pricing. We can start immediately.

1) Unlimited WordPress support - We fix all WordPress issues and make your site run well. We are available 24/7 and you can contact us via ticket, live-chat or phone.
2) Premium WordPress hosting - Premium managed hosting on global cloud providers is included. Up to 30GB NvME space included by default and we can also offer dedicated servers on request.
3) Unlimited tweaks and changes - Request unlimited website fixes and website revisions from our technicians. We do the jobs that are too small for your developer.
4) Managed updates - We keep your WordPress website, themes and plugins up to date. We stage updates first before putting them live.
5) 24/7 engineer monitoring - experts are constantly monitoring your site: automatically alerted when issues occur, and ensuring optimal performance and security.
6) Hardened security - Multiple lines of defence for security. Manual updates and patching, twice daily scans against our custom malware database, and some of the best sysadmins in the industry.
7) Malware scanning - We scan your website for signs of malware or attack twice a day. We compare your files to our database or malware signatures for any positive matches.
8) Emergency response - Our maintenance team are alerted when any reports for new plugin vulnerabilities are released and immediately move to patch sites when one is announced.

Contact US - Sign up takes two minutes. If your site is currently broken, we can deal with this as part of our onboarding process.
Are you looking for reliable professional web hosting provider in Europe or USA? is a brand of Globalhost d.o.o. which is one of the leading web hosting companies since 2002. We use the latest Dell server technology in our own data center to ensure that our customers get the best performance out of their websites. Our wide selection of web hosting services will cater to your hosting needs whether you're making a small, simple website, or a high powered, high traffic website. Our main goal is to provide the best technology available with exceptional customer support. With a large client base comes a diverse range of Web hosting requirements. We have tailored our company around these needs by providing flexible and scalable services.

Our web hosting packages are perfect for businesses requiring high uptime web hosting with 24x7 support and individuals & bloggers that require a reliable web hosting platform. Whether you're starting your first web site or need a solution for your business, our web hosting packages are designed to fully accommodate from the most basic to the most complex requirements.

Web Hosting Features:
  • Guaranteed Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Database
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • No Contract with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Check out our Web Hosting Packages with a FREE Migration:
Unmetered bandwidth + Free SSL certificate + Free DDoS protection + Bitcoin accepted.

START Hosting Plan
5 - Host # sites
5 GB - Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
3x CPU core - CPU Limits
2 GB - Physical Memory (RAM)

MINI Hosting Plan
10 - Host # sites
10 GB - Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
5x CPU core - CPU Limits
3 GB - Physical Memory (RAM)

MIDI Hosting Plan
15 - Host # sites
25 GB - Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
7x CPU core - CPU Limits
5 GB - Physical Memory (RAM)

UNLIMITED Hosting Plan
20 - Host # sites
Unlimited - Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
10x CPU core - CPU Limits
8 GB - Physical Memory (RAM)

FREE BONUSES With Each Hosting Plan:
  • Free Website Builder and Website Building Tools
  • 370+ Free scripts can be instantly installed on your account with a few clicks
  • Free Website Transfer including Domain, Script and Database
Application Hosting Features:
  • Instantly install over 75 open-source scripts with just a click!
  • WordPress Hosting - Host your very own WordPress blog
  • Joomla Hosting & Drupal Hosting - Professional CMS Solutions
  • Magento Hosting - Free E-commerce platform for your own store
  • Wiki Hosting - Start a Wiki web site with MediaWiki
Our efforts and focus are always directed to our clients and their needs. We will continue to maintain ourselves as affordable, complete Web hosting provider, while maintaining a solid infrastructure, secure environment, unfailing and redundant connection, and superior client support.

Legal informations:
Globalhost d.o.o., Kralja Tvrtka 15, 72290, Novi Travnik, Bosna i Hercegovina
ID number: 4236611790005
TAX number: 236611790005
MBS: 51-01-0011-15

Contact informations:
Phone (US): +1-702-323-3802
Phone (EU): +43-72-002-2527
Phone (BA): +386-30-795-066
International Number: +883-5100-128-917-94
Fax: +1-702-323-3844

Not sure which plan is best for you?
No problem. Send us a ticket with your questions and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Free of charge.
97 service is the perfect solution.

Cloudarion has been a major presence in the Web Hosting market since 2011. All of our staff is in-house and we pride ourselves on operating our own networks and infrastructures. If you add our high quality to the potency of SSDVPS hosting, you will receive a winning package. We have always been proud of our 99.9% uptime on VPS systems.

Check out Cloudarion KVM SSDVPS hosting packages:

KVM SSDVPS 2 hosting plan
RAM - 2 Gb
SSD - 20 Gb
OS - Windows server, CentOS, Debian, Linuxmint, Scilinux or Ubuntu.
Price $9.95/mo

KVM SSDVPS 4 hosting plan
RAM - 4 Gb
SSD - 30 Gb
OS - Windows server, CentOS, Debian, Linuxmint, Scilinux or Ubuntu.
Price $19.95/mo

Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Payoneer.

Hard drives are in a RAID 10 redundant array to ensure your data remains safe!
Local and Backup on remote server! Your VPS container will be on local RAID-10 Storage Array’s for the fastest & most reliable storage architecture for your websites. RAID-10 technology offer a staggering boost in input/output operations per second (IOPS).

Need help? Contact with our technical support.

Boss encounters have always been a highlight of the Diablo series, and with Diablo 4, we can expect even more intense and challenging battles against powerful foes. The developers have promised a renewed focus on boss design, aiming to provide memorable and adrenaline-pumping encounters that push players to their limits. Let's delve into what makes these boss fights so thrilling and discuss the potential they hold in Diablo 4.

First and foremost, the bosses in Diablo 4 are designed to be formidable adversaries. They will possess unique mechanics, devastating attacks, and intricate patterns that players must learn and adapt to. This will require careful observation, quick reflexes, and strategic decision-making to overcome. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from defeating a challenging boss is unrivaled and is sure to keep players engaged and eager for more.

In addition to their mechanics and abilities, the bosses in Diablo 4 are set in immersive and atmospheric arenas. These environments will play a crucial role in the battles, with hazards and interactive elements that can either aid or hinder players. The combination of visually stunning backdrops and engaging gameplay mechanics will further enhance the intensity and immersion of the boss encounters.

Furthermore, the developers have emphasized the importance of replayability in Diablo 4, and boss encounters will be a significant factor in achieving this. Each boss fight is expected to offer multiple phases, escalating in difficulty as the battle progresses. This ensures that even after defeating a boss, players can revisit the encounter on higher difficulty levels or with different character builds, providing fresh challenges and opportunities for mastery.

In conclusion, the intense and challenging boss encounters in Diablo 4 are set to deliver thrilling and memorable moments for players. With their unique mechanics, immersive arenas, and escalating difficulty, these battles will push players to their limits, requiring skill, strategy, and adaptability. As we eagerly await the release of Diablo 4, let's discuss and anticipate the epic encounters that await us in this highly anticipated game.

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