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Portable Noise Reduction Sound Acoustic Barrier Fencing for Construction Site Outdoor
SoundBarrierFence is already a brand well-known among building, furniture and decorative industry as well as end users, manufacturers and dealers of building and decorative sound absorbing blankets all over the world. Being fully aware that the natural resources of the earth are finite and will be exhausted some day, SoundBarrierFence has committed itself to protecting the forest resources and promoting the sustainable development of our environment.
Noise Reduction Barrier Fencing Fireproof Eco Friendly Acoustic Absorption Sound Acoustic Barrier
At present, our products have been sold to customers of general contractors, innovative solutions-driven companies, estate professional services firms, and other companies. JConstruction specializes in new construction of houses and offices, historical restoration, additions and alterations, as well as outdoor living spaces, decks, kitchens, and bathrooms. KPUBL provides modern house plans and home designs for purchase on our website. If you can't find the ideal plan, all our designs can be customized according to your needs. The production space of SPEU covers a wide range of fields from event-related businesses to interior design and construction of commercial facilities and exhibition halls. By initially focusing on decoration projects, ConstructionProjectU entered the challenging and fulfilling world of decoration, concrete construction, residential construction and construction.
[/size]Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk[/size]Our high-quality products are very popular in more than 30 countries and regions such as Lisbon Portugal, Tsuen Wan Hong Kong, Bury United Kingdom, Murcia–Orihuela Spain, Ancona, Jatoi Pakistan, San Fernando Philippines, Iolio City Philippines, Sapporo Japan, Kavala Greece, Saharsa India, Durban South Africa, etc.
I am interested in some of your sound barrier products. Are you able to provide me with the specification sheets of your sound barrier for 1 layer, 3 layer and construction barrier. What is the best price you can offer? Would you send me a product sample before I place an order? Please provide me with more product details. We are interested in purchasing sound proof panels for our club and restaurant in Oman. Could you kindly forward me prices, specifications, if fire proof, sizes and quality description, Noise level? Delivery Guangzhou as our agent will be shipping the goods.
Tag: diy outdoor sound barrier panels, soundproof vinyl fence, loaded vinyl sound barrier, sound proof garden fencing

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Acoustical Noise Barrier for Soundproof And Acoustical Fencing And Scaffolding Construction Site
AcousticalFencing operates in southern China and has provided sound insulation panels for completed projects around the world. As one of the leading acoustic fencing suppliers, we are proud to establish a positive cooperative relationship with our customers. We want to cooperate with you based on the excellent quality and the competitive price.
30% of our products are sold to customers such as architecture firm, architect, building solutions provider, real estate firm, etc. NMTGN is a unique architecture studio whose mission is to break down technical and cultural barriers and create a more open, integrated and collaborative architecture (A/E/C) industry. XPXAMD is a Melbourne healthcare decoration construction company and interior design company, focusing on professional decoration with coherent, diverse, ergonomic, and patient-friendly work areas. ProjectQL is one of the leading golf course architects in Europe and has completed projects in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Norway, Morocco, Andorra, Italy, Dubai, Switzerland and Belgium. RGTC is a company that can work on small projects such as soil transportation and utilities, and we can also work on large projects such as demolition, pipe laying, road paving and field work.
Our products are mainly sold to Belgium, Russian Federation, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Anguilla, Kiribati, and exported to more than 20 countries in the world.

Sound Barrier System Fireproof Hanging Sound Soundproof Fence Acoustic Fencing Customized
1. I am interested in the green sound barrier. I run a dog boarding business and want to line the fence. I need to know the cost of this I would need about 200 feet.
2. We are looking for acoustic underlay 3 MM, 5 MM And 10 MM. What are standard sizes that can be ordered? Panels or roll?
3. We want that when We close the room then no sound should be listened in outside and inside no sound outside be listened.
4. Please send me contact email so that I can send details of what I am looking for. I am looking for Acoustic Data.
If you have any inquiry or order to fill, please feel free to contact us.


 Acoustics Construction Site Use Acoustic Barrier Fence Industrial Soundproofing Barrier
Through continuous efforts and innovation, the company has over 10 patents in China, European Union and United States. In addition, its products passed tests by various international organizations such as SGS and INTERTEK. Apart from meeting the standards of European Union, their products are also certificated by CE, FSC, GRS and REACH.
Our products have won reputation and praise from customers such as civil & structural engineer, construction and remodeling company, scaffolding contractor, landscape design company, etc. InteriorDecorationKB is one of Chennai's leading interior designers, specializing in custom sofas, curtains, mattresses, home decorations and Roman blinds at Purasawalkam, Chennai at the best prices. UDPEZE provides a full range of services for public and private clients, including planning, feasibility studies, design and procurement as well as planning, project and construction management. LCIVAT provides a wide range of products to customers all over Sri Lanka, and its main goal is to provide products of the highest quality and standards as well as excellent customer satisfaction. TOSFX is a Louisiana construction company that specializes in earthwork, rainwater pipes, drainage structures, concrete paving, concrete bridge structures, airport runways, taxiways and aprons.
Temporary Fence Panel Construction Site Sound Fence Noise Barrier Waterproof Suspension Type
At present, our business covers more than 50 countries around the world, covering Kuwait, Russian Federation, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Algeria , Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, Albania, Haiti, Macedonia, and so on.
Sample Acoustic Problems
1. I'm interested in renting a fence barrier. 100 feet long by maximum height. Do you have a representative in Toronto Canada?
2. We have very big hall for acoustic panel, we are in UK. Please contact my WeChat and send me pictures.
3. We have requirement of 100mm acoustic mat for our project in UAE for industrial equipment soundproofing. kindly send me ur contact person details to communicate.
4. I am interested in your products. Do you have a distributor in the Philippines? If not, can I order directly from you?
Give your measurements, drawings and requirements to us, we will provide you with the best solutions.


 Acoustical Curtain Attached to Free Standing Fencing Sound Curtain for Construction Noise
AcousticalFencing is a local temporary noise fencing factory located in China. Our goal is to provide you with an ideal living space with transparency, integrity, quality and vision. Our company invested big money, cooperated with universities, and introduced foreign advanced technology and equipments, which can give our company good technical capabilities.
Sound Acoustic Fencing With Grommets Sound Enclosure Sound Canvas Barriers Industrial Curtains
1. I want to order the noise reduction fences. With size do you have? Most seem like a tarp on one side, but I am wondering if that can be customized?
 2. I am trying to find out pricing for units and pricing for installation. I would love to be able to obtain more information.
 3. How much per tile and what are measurements of each tile? We are a trading & contracting company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
 4. We are looking for an estimate on replacing our current room dividing wall it roughly 29ft length by 12 ft height.
Our products are not only sold well in the domestic market, but also exported to Ukraine, Russian Federation, Singapore, India, Brazil, Cambodia, United States, Moldova, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Aruba, Vatican, and many other countries.
With steady and firm footsteps, our products have been sold to residential remodeling contractor, construction and engineering company, mechanical services company, building design company, and received high praise. ConstructionOWService offers a variety of heavy industrial and civil construction services to customers in British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon, such as piling, lease of bridges and lease of rig pads. BLAX specializes in construction equipment rental, homeowner equipment rental and party rental, cake decoration supplies, cake decoration rental and confectionery supplies in the Jackson MI area. ConstructionCProject is a leading real estate development and construction consulting company KH Consultants, which can optimize the efficiency of your construction projects and easily manage rental properties! AXPXJ is a comprehensive demolition, grading and excavation company located in Southern California, engaged in all work related to general construction, demolition, alteration and roof tearing.
Choose us, trust us, We'll do the best of the acoustic material area!


Construction Noise Fence Acoustic Reduction Wall Material Barrier for Street Traffic Noise
AcousticalFencing has extensive experience in noise absorbing fences for decoration and construction, and cooperates with our customers and designers to achieve efficient and cost-effective results. Investing to build new production lines, our company developed fast in the same pace with our clients. Our production has passed ISO9001-2008, SGS certification and so forth.
Sound Acoustic Proof Curtains for Industrial Use Acoustic Barrier MLV Sheet Blanket
Our growing list of customers includes buyers such as roofing contractors, demolition companies, urban redevelopment companies, etc. OCZOLD is a comprehensive building materials company that provides a variety of building materials, from cement, aggregates, ready-mixed concrete, tiles and bathroom products to kitchens. QFTLGP is committed to transforming communities in gateway cities throughout New England, and focuses on job creation and economic development, as well as commercial and residential real estate. InteriorXEDecoration is a design studio located in Cape Town, specializing in home and corporate design. It also provides interior decoration, soft finishes, custom-designed furniture and styling design services. Since 1994, UACCO is a civil construction and maintenance company specializing in construction sites, concrete, structural steel, pipelines, equipment installation, building and demolition.
I have an 8 ' tall wooden privacy fence that the city is requiring me to add sound dampening material to. I have 120' of fence to do. do you have any solutions that are water and uv resistant? Could you email me a quote?
I will be in china soon and would like to visit your showroom/factory could you please email me your contact details and address.
Interested in your products for integration into modular construction panels. So, what kind of business that we can do together?
I would like a quote for 130 square meters (m2) of the 2mm Acoustics resilent mat underlay shipped to Norway.
Our acoustical fencing products are also exported to customers in Poland, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mongolia, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, French Polynesia, Andorra, Iceland, and other countries and regions.
Last but not least, we sincerely to looking for your cooperation and appreciate your business.


 Wholesale Eco New Fashionable Acoustic Absorbing Board Polyester Wool Sound Panels
Since the first factory established in 2011, we focus on interior acoustic decoration and find out good solution for buildings. The noise dampening panels and other products enjoy a great popularity among clients. Thanks to the quality of products and the cooperation from clients, our exporting quantity is increasing rapidly.
What Can We Do
1. Please contact me on email or whatsapp number. I need polyester fabric boards. Could you please send me your (Profile, your Items, Certifications, Projects, also Picture for your projects, any certificates in same field from your client)? Need an acoustic door. Could you please give me your best price? Door + Price for FOB to Mauritius Island?
2. Looking for polyester acoustic panel for my client in Australia. We need approximately 1400 m2 of panels. Please contact me for discussion. The specification on the panels is to achieve NRC 0.7.
 High Density Foam Sound Polyester Fiber Soundproof Panel PET Felt Acoustic Absorbing Board Sponge
We have strict system for quality control and production planning, to guarantee consistent quality. We exported to Japan, Canada, Turkey, Lithuania, Vanuatu, Malaysia, United States, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Cameroon, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, etc.
By now, our noise insulation panels are very popular among customers of infrastructure development company, architectural design firm, residential builder, engineering and consulting company, and many other companies. InteriorDecorationCD is a well-known interior design and decoration company in Kolkata and throughout India, providing the best interior decoration and "interior design and architect" services in 25 years. CommercialTQService offers innovative modular building solutions for residential and commercial customers, and for more than 20 years, the team has been providing outstanding services to customers in Australia and around the world. VYHHC is a leader in commercial cleaning, cleaning and maintenance solutions in Canada, and Scandinavian Construction Services has set the standard for quality, service and reliability for more than 10 years.
The products of our company are used in diverse applications such as public library, village halls, international business school, medical college & hospital, hospitality administration building, soundproof private drum studio, learning center, mechanical rooms, school music room, broadcasting facilities, multiple residential renovations, and so on.


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