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Plasma Metallizer for amorphous silicon PV solar cells
« on: September 13, 2009, 04:10:14 AM »
Plasma Metallizer for amorphous silicon PV solar cells

Sputtering coating line for amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic cells is mainly applicable for the production of large-sized photovoltaic sheet glass. Taking common sheet glass as substrate goes through CVD or PVD coating process to make transparent conductive film coating, through PECVD to realize various amorphous silicon films, by sputtering coating to achieve aluminum film or AZO electrode. By laser technology to engrave on the coated films and after that with checking, examination and packing to accomplish the manufacturing process of large-area cell components. The total manufacturing is within 10 processes. It is more easy and simple in manufacturing process to make crystal silicon cell with advantages of higher utility of silicon material and lower production cost compared with that of crystal silicon cell production.

Our company as per market demands and customer requirements, has developed consecutive sputtering coating line of diverse models applicable for sputtering coating back and front electrodes on the plate of amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic cells by DC & MF sputtering technology and with auto control system OA2000 of his own intellectual property right. It is available for bulk production by good comparison with that made by western countries.

Coupled with this sputtering coating line, PECVD sputter coaters, glass edge grinding machine, glass washing machine, heat treatment device and laser cutting machines and related coating technology, etc are also supplied by our company. Our company offers all the technical information and technical support for whole manufacturing process of amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic cells.

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Re: Plasma Metallizer for amorphous silicon PV solar cells
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