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Telegram accounts for mailing, invite (Session + Json, Tdata).
« on: February 06, 2024, 01:48:55 PM »
[/size]Telegram[/size][/size] accounts[/size] for mailing, invite[/size] (Session + Json, Tdata).[/size]TEAR-SHOP.RUMore information is available on the website:
[/size]Prices:+7 Russia -
$1.65+1 USA - $0.55+7 Kazakhstan - $1.05+996 Kyrgyzstan - $0,85+263 Zimbabwe -$0.38+44 Englang - $1.10+62 Indonesia - $0.30+56 Chile - $0.76+31 Netherlands - $1.10There are wholesale prices when buying a large number of accounts.Prices are discussed with the store's support; accounts are registered on the official Telegram app for android by manual registration through special software using private proxies from private pools.Accounts are warmed up by a special author's warm-up, which increases the trust at times!Accounts have a stay of 7+ days.A trust is a telegram's trust in accounts, the higher the trust, the less likely the account is to be banned.Accounts are suitable for any purpose:- Mailing list- Inviting- Reporting- Cheating reactions- Personal useTransaction Rules:1. Accounts are sold in one hand.2. Before the sale, all accounts are checked for validity.3. If you suddenly come across an invalid account before work, there will be a replacement under the following conditions:3.1. If there is a video recording from the moment of receipt to the verification of accounts.3.2. The guarantee is valid for 20 minutes after receiving the accounts.3.3. If you use a proxy with a bad reputation, the guarantee falls off.3.4. After any actions with accounts (except for logging in to check for validity), the guarantee burns out (for example, mailing, invite, changing the avatar, name, etc.)4. Good luck using it!For questions:[/size][/size][/font][/color]
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