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Why might a site's set europe email list
« on: April 04, 2022, 02:08:29 AM »

Make diagnostic queries : Evaluate how well you rank for a given keyword , see if there is duplicate content or not, check if Google indexed your news page, putting “ ” in the search engine, etc. 2. Formulate hypotheses After reviewing data, delving into the analysis and understanding what problems you may have, it is time to find out what is causing them. For this, it is necessary to formulate hypotheses related to the fall in traffic and/or ranking. And it is there, where there is a distinction between two situations that can happen to you, and that could be due to various reasons europe email list. 

Rankings are stable, but europe email list traffic is down There are some hypotheses that are typically formulated in the face of this problem, and that I explain through fictitious but possible facts: Existence of new Featured Snippet or featured snippets : When users do a search related to the content of your page, which decreased their traffic, the first thing they find is this type of snippet from other sites europe email list. If that is the case and your post does not appear in a Featured Snippet, you will no longer achieve the first position of the SERP and you will have a disadvantage against your competitors europe email list.

Search decline: Within your magazine you have a section with articles on immersive technology that has seen a decline in traffic. But, after using Google Trends, you discovered that readers are no longer looking for too much information about augmented reality, but rather that related to virtual reality europe email list. And since your content refers mostly to the least searched keyword, this would partly explain the drop europe email list.

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