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Psychic healing powers refer to the channeling of spiritual energies via the spiritual healer to the client in order to help him recover from injury or illness. In fact, sometimes clients take the benefit of psychic healing powers along with traditional treatment just to speed up the recovery. As confirmed by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH), this sort of healing powers can complement traditional medicine.

Prof. Shabba offers accurate consultations on various personal issues, he's able to access and give healings in many ways: Channeling dreams, casting spells, numerology, fortune analysis, tarot reading and many more. Prof. Shabba powers promote palm reading, holistic healing, casting spells, and also communication between individuals and their ancestors any time and help you foresee evil and bad spirits so that you can overcome them
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- Fix broken relationships, Restore marriages
-  He got charms/spells to take away bad luck & give good luck in life, Binding Lovers together
- Business charms that attract more customers and Promotions at jobs.
-  Property Disputes
- Husband and Wife Problems
- Childbirth Problems
- Mental Illness
- Court Cases
- Financial Crunches
- Protection
- Love Charms
- Treat All Kind of Diseases
- Politics (Winning Elections)
- Fame

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