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LunarCrush is a platform where you can follow various crypto tokens, bloggers and news in the world of cryptocurrencies. For activity on the site, you will receive a daily reward in their LUNR tokens (there is an application for the phone)

All you have to do is view different posts daily, click, add to favorites, vote,
for this there is an accrual of points that are converted every 24 hours into Lunr

The first time you will have 4 tasks on top (Link Twitter, Add coins for tracking and repost to a social network and you will also be given 5 points for the first login to the site and creating an account)

You can earn a limited number of points daily,
at the initial damage 95 points at the last 155 (only 3 levels) multiplied by your multiplier

In order to go to the next level you need to earn 30 Lunr
  • To earn more points, you need to upgrade earnings multipliers by a maximum of X 6
  • How to upgrade multiplier
The easiest way is to pump the activity multiplier by a maximum of X 2 -
get it in about a week ( pumped for your daily actions on the site )

2 more multipliers are available from the following levels - referral and Hold Bonus (you can hold earned coins and receive an increased reward for this)

Points are not credited immediately, approximately from 10 to 30 minutes (it can accrue almost the entire amount at once)

It seems that everything is clear with the activity on the site, but there are also daily votes (opinions) that are under each post (there can be up to 4 answer options), you can answer as you see fit - 30 votes per day

Review with withdrawal to the exchange at the end of the video

For any active actions in these tabs, points are awarded.

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How does time on site work?
LunarCrush wishes to reward users for the time they spend learning about various cryptocurrencies and the impact of social on the overall market. Our time on site and usage streak metrics are continuously adjusted to ensure that real users are rewarded for their time spent in the app. We also continuously look for usage patterns of fake users, bots, or any usage patterns that suspiciously look like the user is just trying to game the system for points instead of using the app in a legitimate way.

Real User Usage
When you first load the app or website this is considered the beginning of your session. Most of the screens in the app are related to social metrics for cryptocurrencies are considered when calculating metrics related to usage and time on site. Some of our screens such as the users settings, wallet, and points related screens are not considered. Only navigational patterns after the app or website is fully loaded are considered. This is how a real user uses LunarCrush.
A user that loads the entire website or refreshes the entire website excessively compared to how many screens they navigate to within the app after it is loaded are considered suspicious. This looks like automation and is rarely how a real user uses LunarCrush.

Daily active user
You are considered a daily active user if you use the app for a very small amount of time during the day. Just 10 seconds or so is all it takes. Read some news, check out the coin of the day, do anything a few seconds after the site loads and you are an active user.

Time on site
LunarCrush continuously processes users usage and tracks how often a user loads the whole website, how many events/actions are performed, and how many screens are visited. Based on how often these events happen and how much time elapses between activities our system attempts to determine how many minutes a user was using the app.

These metrics are updated approximately every 10 minutes and all users points are updated approximately every 10 minutes. This means that it may take up to 30 minutes from your last activity before you see the time on site metric updated in your points screen.

Usage streak bonus
Usage streak bonus has been removed and the bonus multipliers for average time on site was adjusted to provide a single bonus multiplier related to continued usage of

Average time on site bonus
The average time on site bonus is designed to reward our users who may have various usage patterns over the last 30 days. You may not be able to spend time every day browsing our various metrics so we'd like to reward you for the times that you can spend extra time researching cryptocurrencies. This metric looks at the total time you have spent using the app or website over the last 30 days and divides that time by 30 to determine an average of how many minutes per day you were active. We only allow up to 90 minutes per day to be considered.

Some examples of this calculation:
You have been using the app for 10 hours a day for the last 100 days
That is 90 minutes * 30 days and divide that by 30. 90 minutes average time on site.
You have been using the app for 30 minutes per day for the last 5 days
That is 30 minutes * 5 days divided by 30. Average 5 minutes time on site.
You used the app for 10 hours, the next day 5 hours, the next day 10 minutes, the next day 40 minutes.
That is 90 minutes + 90 minutes + 10 minutes +  40 minutes  divided by 30. Average 7.6 minutes time on site.
You usually use the app for > 90 minutes every day but missed 2 days of usage in the last 30 days.
That’s 90 minutes times 28 days divided by 30. Average 84 minutes time on site.

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