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« on: June 07, 2020, 01:34:32 pm » review is an ecosystem built entirely around HEX, an ERC20 Token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

>> 10% FREE HEX <<

HEX is similar to a certificate of deposit that traditional banks have issued for many years. has built an entire ecosystem around HEX with the sole intention of increasing our users position size in HEX.

When depositing HEX into any of the DApps in the ecosystem our loyal user base will earn another ERC20 Token called HEX Money (HXY).


Total Supply: 60 Million
- Initial HEX to HXY peg: 1000/1
- Freeze Interest rate PA: 36.5%
- Initial Supply 6,000,000

10% of HEX Money transforms are distributed to those who freeze HXY. HXY will be distributed over 10 rounds. Each round consisting of 4.8 million retains a HEX stable peg but goes up by 1000 hex per round 90% of transformed HEX available for dividends
Release: 600k twice yearly. 10% of locked

The tokenomics have been designed to support all three of priorities:
- Encourage adoption
- Increase stickiness
- Reward participants

More on

hex.card is a defi lending platform for HEX where participants get to provide either HEX or ETH as collateral for withdrawals & payments in FIAT.

HXY rewards are produced on the basis of the triggering of any smart contract. HXY is produced and sent to the ETH address on the basis of freezing,transforming or minting.

A series of HEX smart contracts that provide the ability to gain extra margin and rewards without jeopardising the initial investment. Rocket Lotto, HEXBet

Bigger pays better in the HEX contract so the use of the pools smart contract to combine with others safely in a decentralised manner and earn higher returns for doing so

HEXCredit is a defi lending platform for HEX where participants can get 1–6month HEX loans. Interest is paid in HEX for ETH providers. Zero fees for ETH providers

Designed to help onboard Crypto users new to Hex. Mint 1 (Free) HEXMoney (HXY) for every 1000 Hex transformed (10% bonus)


Within first 4 weeks there has already been over $700,000 HEX worth of dividends paid out to HXY holders!

>> EARN MORE PASSIVE CRYPTO INCOME-> HXY/ETH/HEX << website is live(BETA)! The price is pegged at 1000 HEX per 1 HXY regarding the minting costs and referral links have been made available.

Be sure to approve metamask in the top right corner, with the desired amount of HEX you will use, before transforming!

25% of all HXY sales including from the live HXY exchange will be distributed to HXY holders in HEX who freeze their HXY.

Interest will also be earned in HXY which is currently 1000x the price of HEX with 10x annual freezing rewards of HEX staking.

10% of the entire revenue of HEX Mobile will also be distributed as dividends to HEX Money holders who freeze their HXY. 5% of all sales will go towards providing liquidity at Uniswap.

If you missed out early on HEX, you seriously don’t want to miss out early with HXY! Those of you who haven’t frozen your HXY yet and wish to do so, please navigate to the freeze section of!

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