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Hello everyone. I found a way of making a decent amount of money as a student and I'm happy with it, so I wanted to share it with you.

It's by helping other students. There is a page called School Solver that connects students who need help with their homework or assignments with tutors, who want to make some money. Tutors are simply users that want to answer student's questions in order to receive some money in change.

This platform is reliable. It was recommended by big firms like TechCrunch and Forbes, and has an excellent score in Trustpilot. Their homepage has a video that describes how does the platform work.

A lot of students use School Solver, where they ask questions about any topic, like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology or Computer Science. If you have a question about a school subject and you want to reward someone for helping you out, you can use this site too.
School Solver gets the 20% of the reward for your answer, the rest is deposited in your account. When you withdraw your founds, another 2% is taken as a commission. This reasonable enough, as they have to keep their page working.

When you open a question, you can see the student's request.
The "details" section contains information about the category, date and offered price of a question. Sometimes, there will be an Attachments section, with documents, images and other materials provided to the tutors. They are usually documents and images containing homework or school tasks.
Under the question, you will be able to see the answers posted to that question. You can buy them in "get this solution" if you have the same question as the student.

There's a support page where you should consult the norms of the site. It explains how should their page be used: there you will find information about commissions, feedback to other users, how to get a refund if you buy a poor or wrong answer, how to ask questions, what answers you should buy and more questions that you can have.

The platform's url is They don't have any referral system, but it's not hard to make a nice amount of money.

You can find me here in freeadzforum, or in School Solver with the name of Cyberfox. I'm not the most veteran user, but I'll help you with any question you may have.

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