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Best apps for android tablet
« on: September 23, 2015, 06:40:59 AM »
Very nice apps, I can take my favorite shows on the road from now on, thanks!
 , android wear apps , Android Market search is terrible in general. If you forget a hypen, add a space, etc. you wont find the app with that specific name. I think description is weighted more heavily for some reason.
 , android emulator online , Wow.  I gotta commend the effort and add this helpful hint.  If one is looking for an insanely long backup number look no further than under your phone’s battery ;)  There is usually a serial # or Part # there that would suffice and it is right there if you are ever locked out.  Seems like a rational concession to an overly eager phone encrypting life partner.  Perhaps they should be the one doing all this though to begin with since they are sooooooo concerned about privacy and know everything else except the concepts behind it winky face.  We have one around my house as well that is really great at breaking things and leaving them on my desk to fix.  She really got to me with the laptop ac adapter ripouts until i forced her to use the modemplug trick.  Kudos really, on keeping a level head with the whole ordeal.
 , best android phones 2015
The PIN becomes 9786410 – something you can easily generate on the fly and remember, but not something easy for somebody to guess – whether they know you, or by brute force.Worst password advice ever – MetroPCS actually suggested that I use my birthdate as a password, one of the worst 8 digit PINs possible. The month only goes from 01 to 12, the days only go from 01 to 31, and the year is a maximum range of about 80 years. Not to mention that a person’s birthdate is relatively easy to find.
 , android device manager for pc , A must read; Invisible Forces Modern World found
 , android lost focus , Great tutorial.  Best of all the beginer tutorials out there.
 , visual studio android emulator

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