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Exclusive and Free Discounted Quality Advertising.
« on: March 19, 2008, 05:03:01 PM »
How would you like 10 REAL Contact Solos totally
free every single month, sent manually by a REAL
How about some free high quality
upgraded traffic exchange memberships, free
Premium Lifetime Submitter memberships, free
banner rotation....etc., etc., etc.,.
Of course you would!
Over 40 of the VERY BEST advertising sites have
now come together to give you a huge variety of
free and discounted advertising
services/products all in one place.
Sites like, Pearls Of Wealth,
SuperSolos, Bulldog Safelists, The Solo Ad Club,, and Net Granny Solo Ads,
and many more are participating.
We are called Flying Solos Plus (FSP)!

PLUS, they have an awesome brand new affiliate
program! $3.97/Month for every direct Referral,
AND $1.47/Month for every 2nd Level
AND, you will be paid every month by either
Paypal, Safepay or Alertpay. Minimum payout is
just $5!!
ALSO, any new members who join without a referrer
will be placed under a paid member in rotation!

And of course, the value of the free and hugely
discounted products and services you receive with
FSP is unprecedented, and will continue to
grow as time goes by.
They have sample email ads, text ads, and banners
available for you to send your contacts to your
affiliate pages....everything you need to
build a nice downline with FSP!

Get your top spot and get set to make some CASH!
(and save cash of course)  ;)
Get a six month membership and profit even more!

FSP is not just some website which has been
thrown together offering ebooks and useless
blasters which go nowhere. 
EVERYTHING offered through FSP is QUALITY
advertising at a discount or exclusively Free.
It has taken well over a year to develop FSP, and
they now have over 40 different sites
participating to help you advertise, and more
being added on a regular basis.
DO NOT purchase ANY advertising until you check
this out because there is a good chance that the
advertising site you might purchase from
will give you a discount as a Flying Solos PLUS
member.  ;)
Over a thousand dollars worth of EXCLUSIVE free
and discounted advertising tools and services
that you won't find at this price ANYWHERE
Flying Solos PLUS will be your own
"one-stop-shop" from which to do ALL your
advertising, backed by over 40 responsible
Administrators.  ;)
Join here today:

1,000 Leads Daily - 3 Day Risk Free Trial

Business Opportunity Leads!


P.S. Do you want to see how we made $14,178.00 Dollars Last Month?

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