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General Outsourcing Services
« on: March 17, 2008, 03:45:58 AM »

Limited Project Duration
If you will only need offshore resources for a limited time then it will not be worthwhile to go through all the Steps  that are part of staff leasing. Furthermore, we will not hire employees if we cannot guarantee them a certain level of job security. Our only solution in this case would be to work with our own internal resources, if available and/or use contract employees.

Limited Project Scope
If the scope of work is small, for instance three banner designs per week, then offshore staffing is also not applicable. Again, we would have to see if the work can be done by assigning internal resources or using contract employees.

Focus on Output
If your project is completely focused on the production of certain output then you might not even want to get involved with candidate selection, hiring people, etc. Good examples are for instance data processing projects where you need one thousand units of output per day. In this case, you may push for an outsourcing model in which you pay for this guaranteed output level regardless of staffing. In this case, we would take responsibility for internally staffing the right people and assuring that production levels are met.

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