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Build Operate Transfer
« on: March 17, 2008, 03:44:57 AM »

As the name suggests, there are three phases in a Build-Operate-Transfer model: Build, Operate and Transfer. The exact implementation of each phase can differ but here at MicroSourcing, it generally means:

Using our standard Offshore Staff Leasing  model, we will analyze your HR requirements and take care of recruitment and selection. We will allocate the necessary office space, workstations and connectivity and build up your offshore team in close cooperation with you. For more details, read Step-by-Step Outsourcing .

This phase will also follow our regular offshore staffing model. Once all assets are in place, your offshore team can go live. We will provide HR support, technical support and operational management. In short: we will do what is necessary to assure a smooth operating offshore team. More details are given in Step 6: Operational Management .

During the Operate phase, Build phase or perhaps even before that, you would have started the incorporation procedure. By the time you got all your business permits, you would have been able to set up your office space, workstations and other infrastructure. Once you are ready to start your own operations, we will simply terminate our offshore staffing agreement and you will be able to take over your offshore team members.

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