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PorkyPost Annouces another free classifieds site
« on: June 22, 2009, 07:55:49 AM »
Porky Post a dominant competitor in the free classifieds world has announce the arrival of there sister site Marvin Starvin free classifieds another easy online classified site similar to porkypost but a lot easier and faster.

As we knowPorkyPos has come along way only being a year now, Porky Post has great traffic and lots of people post daily on porky post and now there out there with round two with the grand opening of marvin starvin. Pretty soon this company will dominate the free classified sites out there by opening chains of free classifieds sites.

The key thing in the classified world is to make your users happy and user friendly content without this your users will surely move on to the next site, This is what porky post and marvin starvin classifieds are aiming for.

These two sites will soon be up there craigslist and livedeal in no time.

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