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Post Your Articles Here / Educational toys for kids (6-13 y.o)
« on: March 16, 2021, 08:31:09 am »

Hi, if you are looking for educational and eco-friendly toys for kids that can also be used as aids for school, like in Montessori schools, Green Instructions of LEGO is a great example. These are tutorials on how to build eco-friendly structures out of your old LEGO sets - for example, convert a sports car into a scooter and a coal mine into a windmill from a wind turbine - and in the process tell kids in class or at home about renewable energy sources, including wind, nuclear and solar. Both the manufacturing and LEGO offices are already running solely on renewables and phasing out plastic, replacing it with other biodegradable materials (plastic made from sugar cane). It's a great opportunity to play with kids and get some precious knowledge at the time.

Do you know of other examples of manufacturers and brands of children's toys like this? Preferably ones where statements match actions and brands are transparent and consistent?

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