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Collectible Firearms, Military Rifle Stocks, Parts and Militaria.
« on: September 10, 2009, 06:28:10 pm »
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Springfield M1 rifles with post war barrels, . Bore is not mirror bright but has strong rifling. The bottom of the heel of the reciever has some pitting, however it does not migrate to the sides, it is only on the very bottom. Rifle has a newly made walnut stock set.

Late Springfield Krag rifle, made in 1902. Good condition with a good bore, rifle has a repaired crack through the wrist of the stock. very readable cartouche [1902]An early 1900's krag in very presentable condition at a very reasonable price.C&R OK Other Krags available, carbines ,1896 rifles, and 1898 rifles. call for details

Hi number 03 made in 1924, has the correct barrel, recently refinished with a dark black parkerized type finish. All milled parts, bore has a lot of wear, but the rifling is strong. The rifle has a new C type pistol grip stock

Springfield M1 Garand receivers. World War II production, good condition. Receivers have a small amount of peppery pitting on the bottom of the heel, {that is the back end of the receiver were it fits up against the wood stock}. Requires a 01 license

Original 70 to 100-year-old 1903 Springfields that have been rendered unserviceable for use by ROTC cadets.Here is a chance to get a historic US military rifle at a fraction of the cost of a "shooter". The barrel has rod welded in the chamber and a large section has been removed on the bottom of the rear sight base. There is a small bead of Weld between the barrel and the receiver, the bolt has the firing pin hole welded shut and the cut off is welded in the off position. The rifles come complete with the exception of the follower, follower spring, and stacking swivel. All the metal is in very good condition and all parts are milled 1903 parts not stamped 1903 A3 parts. The stock is a 03A3 stock, and they have several repairs. Because it is easily converted back to a active rifle we require a 03 or 01 FFL license. A 1903 A3 drill rifle is available for $225.00 A 1903 deactivated stockless rifle is available on the handyman page

USGI issue Kimber Mod. 82A barrel and reciever. new condition,Reciever has safety and trigger bolt, stock,stock hardware, or sights.have slight shop wear[small scratches]. A complete Kimber model 82A sells for up to $1200 and is no longer manufactured,here is a chance to get a lot of parts for an expensive rifle for very little money. requires a 01 FFL license. We have brand new complete Kimber M82A government 22 target rifles for 500.00

Standard Products carbine barrel/ receivers. Very good condition with excellent bores. The barrel/ receivers are completely stripped with the exception of the gas piston. The rear sight base has stake marks where an adjustable rear sight had been installed. There is no rust or pitting, however the unit probably has been refinished at some time.

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