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Make At Least $100 A Day 30 Day Trial
« on: March 22, 2008, 03:21:39 am »
You wanted to make a Quick $100!

LUCRATIVE BUSINESS! You're here for ONE reason- you need to
make quick cash and you KNOW the Internet can do it for you!
But you don't have a lot of time on your hands- right?

Let's cut to the chase- this is the ONLY chance for you to make fast cash on the Internet legally, ethically, and automatically! You know- you've seen the chain letters, the matrixes, the pyramid schemes- every mathematically impossible scheme in the book! Let me tell you now- this is NOT another get rich quick game! This is a chance for YOU to cash in by offering a product that 14 million e-commerce sites on the Internet need!

Let me tell you why the Quick 100 automatic Business was EXACTLY
what you and I were both looking for:

*You DON'T need to recruit ANYONE... ever!
*You DON'T have to spend 60- or even 40- hours a week marketing!
*The money comes DIRECTLY to you! *The money is QUICK, consistent, and

Don't get me wrong, there are some GREAT companies out there.
But as long as there is any middle man... there's a cut that doesn't go to me. And even great companies with good intentions can go out of business-before I get MY check. I can't live on that-can you? So what makes the Quick 100 automatic Business different? First of all- you make it YOURS- 100%.
Every product you sell comes from you-and the payment goes right into YOUR bank account.

But if you can't make any sales.... there's no money to deposit- right?

Not a problem! We're going to give you a KILLER PRODUCT that
we KNOW 14 million people out there want! AND we're going to show
you, step by step, how to SELL that product! And we're going to make it so EASY... you can do it all in less than two hours a day. Here's what makes it Easy and Quick:

*Your marketing, payment, and product delivery are AUTOMATED!
*AND... we'll give you the step by step instructions you need to set it all up RIGHT the first time! And the best part- n o  r i s k , 30 day trial- and you can make money now! Here's how it works. You can try this business out for 30 days and see how perfect this is for you!
During that 30 days you can get started and be making sales right
away. You'll get all the software and tools you'll need to make money for the rest of your life-even if you don't continue! The software you get alone is worth $400!

Here's just a taste of what you'll get-yours to KEEP:

*Access to e-mail addresses of people requesting info on
products like YOURS

*FREE software that allows you to email all those people in
less than 10 minutes!

*Access to autoresponders and the proper instructions to use them
EFFECTIVELY- so that you could be on vacation and STILL making sales!

*More marketing software that is so easy to use a CHILD could market this business for you!

*EXACT copies of every ad headline and sales letter I send out-the same ones YOU can use to make sales!

*My PERSONAL email address for one-on-one assistance any time you need some advice!

*AND the complete right to RESELL all of these tools to YOUR customers!

All we ask is a good faith payment of $20 for all the software and tools that are yours to keep. We do this for two reasons: Some people will TRY anything, and never choose to buy-which is a choice.
But, these people will never make you (or me) any money in the
long run. If you're SERIOUS about making money fast and getting
your $20 back with your first sale then you KNOW that a one time good faith payment is worth turning your life around... and you are exactly the kind of person I want to work with!
Secondly, as I said-the software alone is worth over $400 and you DO get to keep everything, regardless if you continue or not. So you're already getting more than a $380 discount on tools you can use to market ANY business.

After your 30 days- it's decision time. Are you impressed with the sales that rolled in? Or are you ready to move on to the next "latest and greatest" biz opp? It is your choice! You don't have to cancel (because we ALL can be forgetful) and you will not be badgered into continuing.

You can walk away with your $400 gift!

Or... You can shift your business into overdrive and continue on a monthly basis for a $20 monthly fee. (Remember, your customers will make this same decision, any 85% will probably choose to pay you month after month!)
When you continue you get constant upgrades and updates,
MORE tools, one on one support, and continued Reseller rights! But let's not jump the gun.... let's start you off now with your 30 day trial so you can see for yourself the possibilities... and make some FAST money in the mean time.

Remember, there is n o  r i s k ! Just a one time good faith payment of $20 (which you will be MORE than compensated for in FREE software and tools- $400 worth!).

Are you ready? Let's get your Quick $100 Machine Started!


J.E. White
Marketing Consultant

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