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This pendant is made with a beautiful Gold sheen obsidian oval gemstone wrapped in copper wire. Stone is mostly black with a gold shimmering sheen to it. There’s also a tiny copper bead at the top and a small round onyx bead at the bottom. The 20” copper chain is included.

Available at - »
or you can see all my handmade items at - »

Wire Wrap Heart Bangle Bracelets.. with Many wire Choices, gold, silver,  rosegold, copper and oxidized antique copper. …All handmade Available at : 
To see all my designs go to -

Post Your Products & Services Here / Wire Wrap Pine Tree Earrings
« on: January 16, 2024, 09:17:06 AM »
Teardrop shape pine tree 🌲 earrings ..wire wrapped design.  You can choose the wire color of your choice.  I use anti-tarnish nickel free silver and gold plate wires and copper wire.   If you have a preference for 14k gold or sterling let me know. Price will be higher.   Drop length is 2.5”..     You can check these out at : 👉🏻 [/size]


Perfect for Halloween…copper wire wrap round black onyx stone.. with a spider on a web on the front. Spider has a tiny clear Quartz stone.  It’s about 1” wide and 1.5” high. Chain included .. go to -
I also have one in Silver! —>🎃 🕷️ 🕸️ 🕷️ 🕸️ 🕷️ 🎃

Post Your Products & Services Here / Fun Margarita Earrings -Silver or Gold
« on: September 21, 2023, 03:16:35 PM »

Fun Margarita Earrings .. now available!  You can choose silver or gold, made with peridot crystals , tiny clear seed beads for the salt..(or sugar)!  ...and a tiny lime wedge!
Only $28 -  Go to: 👉🏻

Oval Green Opal gemstone cabochon wire wrapped in Copper with the tree of life design.  Copper chain is included also. It’s about 20”.  Available at -

Wire wrap bangle bracelets with Braided edge design.. you can choose copper, gold or silver. Now Oxidized copper is available.[/size]Adjustable 6-8” or mention a custom length needed. All non tarnish and nickel free wire.Go to - »

Post Your Products & Services Here / Mug of Beer Earrings! 🍺
« on: June 24, 2023, 06:40:31 PM »
Fun beer mug earrings.🍻 .handcrafted these are made from silver plate wire with light gold color crystal beads for the beer and tiny white pearls for the foam.  Earhooks are silverplate wire non tarnish and nickel free.   Drop length is 2”.  Width is 6/8”. Only $25. Available at -

Wire ring for Men or Women… the men’s style is bigger and chunkier in style made with thicker wire. Shown is a silver one in size 10. It has a criss-cross interlocking design on the top..the band is wire woven. Available in any size just message me .. you can choose gold, silver or copper.. antiqued oxidized copper too. Available here -
👉🏻 [/size][/font]

Oval aventurine gemstone cabochon pendant wire wrapped in copper wire with a palm tree detail on the front. It measures about 1-6/8” high and 1” wide. It will include a different shiny copper chain 20” long , (not the one shown in picture). It’s very Unique ….you can check it out at …👉🏻

Wire wrapped round labradorite cabochon with antique copper wire.  Pendant is almond shaped with swirl designs on the front ..there are also 2 small round faceted clear Quartz crystals.   Frame of pendant has also been hammered for strength and texture.   Will include the 20” copper chain.   Pendant is 1” wide and 2” high - that includes the top loop.   Available at -

Fun pendants of a fish in a fishbowl .. copper wire wrapped glass cabochons you can choose light Aqua, Aqua or Deep Blue. Very cute and fun for the summer too! These are about 1” diameter. The chain is included too. Wish I could add pics here but can’t , but if you want to see them go to…. Website:

Post Your Products & Services Here / Wire wrap Gemstone Heart Rings
« on: January 31, 2023, 08:19:53 AM »
Wire wrap heart design ring with a single round gemstone bead. Made with gold plate and silver plate wire, and copper too. Different variations available. You can choose the ones shown, or for a custom order with different stone or wire message me ! Wish I can put pics in this post but can’t so …Click link to see images at my listing below:

💗 Wire wrap ring with a pink heart shape beryl gemstone bead. It has a double wire band with swirls on each side of the bead. You can choose your size needed. Wire is gold plate non tarnish. Higher price 14k gold or sterling silver is available too. Go to - [/size] » Lalolatreasures Jewelry - »

Celebrate the New Year with these fun wire wrap champagne glass earrings!
Inside the glass there are 6 champagne color bicone crystals. At the top there are 3 tiny round white pearls for bubbles. The ear hooks also have a tiny white Pearl.
They have a drop length of about 2.5”
Handcrafted and Made with gold plate non tarnish nickel free wire.
Available here at :

Gold sun burst design wire wrap earrings with a center round rose Quartz bead. Also have it in Copper with a purple amethyst bead. Can be done in silver too. Drop length is 2” Very pretty earrings ..makes a great gift! Can be made with any wire and bead combination you’d like.
To see these right now go to :[/b][/size][/font]

Gold Sun and Moon Wire Wrap Pendant Necklace with Blue Crystal:
Go to  👉🏻
Also ..get up to $30 off when you use my code ZXBBYD to sign up for Mercari. 


  Braided wire bracelet with a two tone design of 14k gold filled wire and darker twisted wire.  The twisted darker wire is antique brass.  It has a hook and loop clasp ,  fits 7”-7.5” wrist comfortably.  To see this lovely bracelet go to….

Oval black onyx stone wire wrapped with a slithery snake in copper wire… wire woven design. The snake head is a tiny green bicone crystal bead.
Will include the copper chain. You can message me your desired chain length.
You can also choose it oxidized for a spooky antique look too! Measures about 2” high and 1” wide. Nice for Halloween ! 🎃
To order go to 👉🏻

🎃  Pumpkin pendant copper wire wrapped oval orange agate gemstone cabochon.
There’s curly vines and Leaves wrapped with green wire. It has a bail at the top for any desired chain you have to go through.Chain shown not included. It measures about 1” wide and 1.5” high including bail. To order Go to :

Antique copper crescent moon pendant with a tree of life design. It has swirl designs on the edge too with tiny copper beads.  There’s a blue Violet Crystal teardrop dangle bead. Can put any other color bead too. Different variations are shown also. Chain included. Available at -

Silver Spider web Ring with a spider attached.  The spider is in copper wire with a deep red garnet gemstone and a clear crystal.   Have another variation shown too.   Rings are adjustable a bit.  Made with silver plate non tarnish and nickel free wire.
🕸🕷  Nice rings for Halloween!    To order visit :

Silver bracelet and ring set wire wrapped with a wave design. The bracelet has a hook and loop clasp. Will fit 7”- 8” wrist comfortably. [/size]You can choose your ring size from the list. Available in Copper wire too - silver plated nickel free, non tarnish.Go to Website:

Braided silver wire woven ring.. it’s 1/2 inch wide.. can be for women or men too..can be made in any ring size needed.
Made with silver plate non tarnish wire ..and also Copper wire.   
To see images of this ring and to order you can go to this link - -


❄️❄️  Silver Chainmaille Earrings in a Snowflake Design.. ❄️❄️

These are 1.5” diameter and about 2.5” drop length. 
Made with shiny silver aluminum non tarnish rings.
Go to -

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