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How to lose weight - a complete overview of effective ways to lose weight + exercises to quickly lose weight

Today we will consider the topic of weight loss and figure out for ourselves how to lose weight, and what is very important without harm to health.

In this article I will share with you secret ways to lose weight, as well as real methods of effective weight loss without diets. Adhering to the tips described in this article, you will improve your appearance and, thanks to this, you will certainly have high spirits. And at the end of the article, I have prepared a bonus for you - this is another super tool that helps to lose extra pounds.
From the article you will learn:
·   how to lose weight without diets?
·   how to lose weight per month by 5 kg?
·   how many calories do you need per day to lose weight?
·   how to make yourself lose weight.
Sit back and acquire the necessary knowledge about losing weight, and remember that a person is evaluated by appearance and therefore you should always strive to look at 5 +.
Well, let's get down to the article.
1. How to lose weight at home - losing weight, as the meaning of life
Effective weight loss includes many points, when the goal is to quickly lose 5 kg in a week, and then maintain a new weight, not harm your health, and maybe even fix it.
There are many highly effective express diets that allow you to lose weight in 30 days, in 10 or even a week. But this article is devoted to slow, systematic weight loss with a lasting effect. Is it possible to lose weight with only a few days? Yes, of course. The only question is how soon the extra pounds will come back.
For healthy weight loss, you first need to properly psychologically tune in to it. This will mean that the body is really ready to part with its “hard work consumed and calorie-fed calories” and will not resist, which will cause kilograms, albeit gradually, to melt. Such training includes:
·   good mood(you do not need to do everything through strength, but clearly see what result awaits in the end and what to strive for);
·   tone (you need to be active, and even if the way to lose weight includes a fitness program, having completed it, you do not need to fall apart on the couch until the next workout);
·  sleep (the body should be able to recover within 8 hours of quality sleep);
·   entertainment (saturate your life with bright events and emotions, and then there will be no time to constantly think how to lose weight);
·   antistress (do not start a difficult climb to an ideal body in difficult periods of life, this will deprive all of the above points).
An effective way to lose weight is an integrated approach. The absence of at least one piece of the puzzle makes the picture incomplete. Be sure to comply with all principles:
Healthy eating If we - what we eat, it is worth more selectively refers to the choice of food.
Sport. It accelerates weight loss, maintains health and youth, gives a cheerful mood, self-confidence, and warns with strong weight loss, stretching and sagging skin (a belly-rag or bat-winged hands will not make anyone more attractive).
Body cleansing (fasting days, wraps).
Briefly tell you about my secret diet. Thanks to her, the question "How to lose weight per month by 5 kg?" will be removed, since you will have the opportunity to lose 10 kg or more, depending on your willpower and desire.
Secret Diet:
1.   Completely refuse: from fried, smoked, chocolate, of course, alcohol, flour products, including bread. It is allowed to eat rye bread in moderation.
2.   Refuse sugar . After all, it slows down the process of waste of energy and accumulates on our body, especially on the sides. Sugar can be replaced with honey. And tea sweets should be replaced with dried fruits.
3.  Eat more dairy products , such as kefir.
4.  Use more fiber , its content is more in vegetables, bran, as well as in fruits.
5.   Eat more vegetables , excluding one single vegetable - this is potatoes, as it is a very high-calorie product! Focus on vegetables on foods that you enjoy more than potatoes, such as carrots or beets. If you can’t completely refuse potatoes, then significantly reduce its use.  6.  Eat more protein . These are meat, eggs, dairy products. I also highly recommend evening dinner with cottage cheese with fruits or kefir.
7.  Eat more apples ! They certainly improve the metabolic process in your body.
8.  In the form of drinks, I would recommend the use of green tea with ginger , and you can also add cinnamon . As you know, cinnamon also affects the positive metabolic process in the body. And ginger promotes the breakdown of fats and rapid weight loss.
  9.   Focus on a healthy sleep and go to bed early. Preferably 22:00 - 23:00 - the best time for sleep, and at night you certainly will not want to eat.    An important point!
Do not eat at night. Have a snack with fruit or drink yogurt 3 hours before bedtime.
10.  If you don’t have time to do the exercises, focus on walking , refuse to use transport several times a week, and walk to the house.
Sharp weight loss will not lead to anything in the future. Having decided to lose weight seriously and for a long time, pay attention to what you eat in your diet.

How many calories you need to eat per day to lose weight

Many men and women, especially in anticipation of the summer, are worried about how many calories you need per day to lose weight and how to make yourself lose weight. Simple calculations lead to the conclusion that the main thing is to spend more calories daily than they do with food.
It is enough to reduce the diet by 300 kcal . This is a bar of chocolate or a bun, which the owner of extra pounds likes to indulge. Such an almost imperceptible reduction in the diet will allow you to lose up to 1 kg per week.
The solution of the equation follows from this: the result of such a regime in a month will be minus 3-4 kg.
How to make yourself lose weight - step by step instructions + examples of the right motivation 
The lack of motivation does not allow you to approach the intended goal, and how to lose weight if personal desire is still not the goal, but left indistinct, without any specifics, desire. The goal must be achievable and have clear deadlines. It should also be objectively measured so that it is generally possible to understand one’s location relative to this goal.

For example, if a person thinks how to lose weight in a month, it’s better to draw up a clear plan of action (just the argument “I want to lose weight” sounds abstract and blurry, but “20 push-ups and 30 squats every day” is pretty specific), determine how much you need lose weight and set a deadline. Then it remains just to solve the task, approaching success.
How much you can lose weight per month depends largely on the motivation of losing weight . Therefore, here are examples of the right motivation to help you achieve what you want:
·   Emphasis on clothing . The most straightforward, it is one of the most effective. Everyone wants to look good, and clothing is a good helper. It is so pleasant when there is no problem with “getting into” clothes.
·   Emphasis on nutrition . A great many theories have been put forward and developed, it remains to choose the one that you like.
·  Focus on surroundings . Incredible weight loss stories can be a good example, or they can completely discourage the desire to continue to exercise your body when the result is not immediately visible.
·   Emphasis on lifestyle . From the very beginning, you should focus on constant changes: getting rid of bad stereotypes and introducing new, useful patterns and habits. After all, this takes only 3 weeks.
·   Focus on thoughts . It is necessary to reconsider your attitude to the situation as a whole. Understand why all thoughts are only about how to lose weight , and in general how necessary is weight loss. Perhaps the fear of heavy and long "self-torture" on the simulators and tasteless meager food interferes. In fact, it may be that you need to lose a couple of kg .
·   Emphasis on health. Maintaining tone, strengthening muscles and ligaments, training strength and endurance - is this not the key to preserving youth, beauty and health ?!
·   Focus on incentives . How to make yourself lose weight without coercion? Choose an incentive: to fit into a dress, to be healthy, to return the admiring glance of a husband - anything. Each time the inner demon tries to lead astray, mentally return to this stimulus and count to 20.
6. Exercises to lose weight
Getting rid of excess mass is carried out in completely different ways and, as a rule, they depend on affordability and personal preferences. You can visit the gyms or pools , where to engage on their own or under the guidance of an instructor. You can enroll in a section of dances , capoeira , etc. But, when for various reasons all this does not work, you need to think about what exercises to do in order to lose weight. The most productive, perhaps, will be running and exercises with a fitball (the Internet is full of ready-made complexes).       
Quick Weight Loss Tips
To lose weight quickly, you will have to make some positive changes in your life: 

·   Seriously limited in the choice of food; 
·   Drink plenty of water
·  Include intense daily physical activity (in just half an hour you can drive about 300 kcal);
·  Do not forget about snacks between the main meal (fruits, cereal bars will do);   
·   And sleep for at least 8 hours (it is proved that sleep less than 8 hours adds up to 2 kg).
Performing these simple procedures daily , you will not only lose weight, but also improve your body and body!
So we sorted out the question: "how to lose weight." Dear friends, remember that the body is given by nature, and is a Temple for your Soul. Therefore, take care of it and do not defile, always be in shape and in high spirits!

And the time has come for a surprise, which was mentioned at the beginning of the article. All of these methods work great with a tool that few people know about. This is the most effective way to fight excess weight.
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