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Title: Inflatable attractions JOBE
Post by: bizbook on March 29, 2021, 05:10:30 pm

Inflatable attractions JOBE (

Ride the waves, get an adrenaline rush, what could be better in a hot summer? That is why inflatable towing rides are so popular on our beaches.
Safety rules come first. Before riding, agree with the helmsman about the towing speed, riding mode, signaling system. It is imperative to wear a safety vest.
The world's leading inflatable pillow manufacturer is the Dutch company Jobe. Her towing rides are made up of PVC tanks and nylon cover. Neoprene inserts, locks, hand grips, non-slip seating, locks, and split air chambers increase ride safety and comfort.

Briefly about the five most popular bands.

Inexpensive and do not require a powerful motor. Popular round-shaped single models Rumble, Crusher and Hot Seat, Thunder triangular ride, Double Trouble triple triangle and Tribal triple.

Everyone saw them on the beach - long, cigar-shaped tubes for a large company. But there are 2, 3 and 4-seaters, for example Chaser, where you can ride with your family or friends.

Inflatable attractions for one to five people. Skating while lying down. Popular series: Scout, Breeze, Storm, Tornado, Bigwing.

Extreme rides
High-speed inflatable for adrenaline lovers. Top sellers: Hydra, Tribal, Airstream.

Inflatable sofas
Attractions for a family or a fun company of up to four people. Popular series: Binar, Lunar, Sonar, Anura. After riding, this attraction can be used on the beach as a sun lounger.

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