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Post Your Products & Services Here / Re: Drawing service @Serggik00
« Last post by Serggik00 on Today at 09:02:04 am »
Reviews of the service with the RU forums

You can use our services 24/7!
The service is COMPLETELY switched to work 24/7 !!!
Waiting for you!


Direct link to the telegram service

Our most important rule of the rendering service is that we do not take an advance payment for an order before !

New contact for communication @FF44FF44 (
We also meet our new telegram channel, instead of the one blocked by competitors (!

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Health And Wellness Programs / CUSTOM KETO DIET REVIEW
« Last post by oklahoma1964 on Today at 01:55:38 am »
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Post Your Articles Here / 3 Terrific Tricks to Organize Your Email Campaigns
« Last post by tbtoyl on June 11, 2021, 03:34:11 am »
 3 Terrific Tricks to Organize Your Email Campaigns
 One of the first elements you should consider when you make the decision to start an email marketing campaign is the type of information you wish to include in your emails to potential clients. This is very important because the information you provide will help your email recipients to determine whether or not they think your products or services are worthwhile.
 If you have recently decided to try implementing an email marketing campaign, you can congratulate yourself on becoming involved in one of the most effective types of online marketing for your business.
 While many business owners tend to shy away from email marketing campaigns because they believe these campaigns are always viewed as spam, others realize the importance of this type of advertising and are willing to spend a great deal of time and effort into organizing their email marketing campaign.
 These business owners will likely find they are able to enjoy an advantage over their competitors who do not take the time to implement an email marketing campaign.
 You can include a variety of information in marketing emails. This may include, but is not limited to, full length informative articles, short articles enticing readers to visit your website for more information, links to other websites which may be of interest to your readers, links to your own website and even advertisements for your products or services as well as other products or services your customers may appreciate.
 Once you determine the type of content you wish to incorporate into your email marketing, it is time to consider how you want to structure your email marketing efforts. Two of the most common structures include an informative email with subtle advertising or an in depth e-newsletter with a wealth of information as well as some subtle advertising and even some graphics.
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Deciding on the format of the emails you will be sending out are important because they will dictate the staff you will need to assist you in your email marketing effort.
 You will require the assistance of a professional writer to assist you with the content in either emails or e-newsletters but if you opt for an e-newsletter you should also consider hiring a graphic artist to assist you in designing an attractive layout and creating graphics as needed to create an appealing layout for your e-newsletter.
 Next you should consider how you plan to create an email distribution list. This is important because simply purchasing an email list is not likely to be effective, and more likely to be pure SPAM. You may reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of Internet users by sending emails to all of the members of this email list but there is no guarantee any of them will have an interest in your products or services.
 However, if you build your own email list of previous customers who have specifically requested additional information as well as potential customer who have also requested additional information you will have a well formulated list which includes mostly members of your target audience.
 This is ideal because you are much more likely to sell products or services to members of your target audience than you are to sell products or services to members of an email group which is not filled with those who might be interested in the products or services you offer.
 Once all of these preliminary decisions have been made, you can begin to create the actual emails themselves and can begin to distribute these emails. Once you have sent out your first batch of emails, you can take some time to evaluate the effectiveness of the first email before you send out the second batch.
 This will be useful because if you determine the first batch was not very successful you can solicit feedback and make changes to the second email before sending it out. If the second email is more successful than the first, you can conclude the changes you made were beneficial.
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Post Your Products & Services Here / DuoHook - fishing tackle shop
« Last post by Riaubas on June 11, 2021, 12:57:53 am »

[size=78%]Universal fishing tackle shop DuoHook. Everything you need for a comfortable and successful fishing experience. Get fishing gear with personal delivery to your home. Wide range for rods, lures, reels, fishfinders and clothing. Great brands of fishing tools as Pontoon 21, Shimano, Megabass, Duo, Zipbaits, Reins, Crazy Fish, Mikado, Jaxon, Cralusso, Timár Mix Tubertini, Trabucco Jakson, and others.[/size]
ASVhost has been a major presence in the Web Hosting market since 2017. All of our staff is in-house and we pride ourselves on operating our own networks and infrastructures. ASVhost is committed to providing our customers with Semi-Managed Support that is unsurpassed in the industry and that is truly available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 99% of the tickets we receive are answered within a 30 minute time period!

ASVhost – Real Power!

Built on the foundation of ASVhost revolutionary network architecture, we offer an extensive catalog of network-related services to control traffic to and from your infrastructure.

Our network:

USA, Los Angeles, CA - Test IP:
Germany, Nuremberg - Test IP:
Switzerland, Zurich - Test IP:
Russia, Moscow - Test IP:

Linux VPS

Our Virtual Private servers combines the stability and reliability of Linux systems with the flexibility of KVM distribution.

Linux VPS 1
$8/ month
2.6 GHz
1 Cores
Switzerland / USA / Germany / Russia

Linux VPS 2
$15/ month
2.6 GHz
2 Cores
Switzerland / USA / Germany / Russia

Linux VPS 4
$30/ month
2.6 GHz
4 Cores
Switzerland / USA / Germany / Russia

Windows VPS available here:

Win VPS 1
2.6 GHz
25 GB Disk Space
Switzerland / USA / Germany / Russia

2.6 GHz
50 GB Disk Space
Switzerland / USA / Germany / Russia

Dedicated servers:

All our servers use high quality parts and the high end technology to power your service
Maximize performance and protect your data with complete RAID 1 and RAID 10 disk mirroring.

Server E3-1220
3.10 GHz
4 (4 Threads) Cores
HDD 500 GB
IP's 5
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Switzerland, Zurich
$100/ month

Server E3-1230
3.2 GHz
4 (8 Threads) Cores
HDD 500 GB
IP's 5
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Datacenter: USA, Los Angeles
$100/ month

Server i7-6700
3.4 GHz
4 (8 Threads) Cores
SSD 100 GB
IP's 1
Bandwidth: 10 TB
Datacenter: Germany, Falkenstein
$100/ month

Have questions?
Please contact us:
Hotline is available 24/7: +61.475557731
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