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Deck coverings for boats
« on: March 27, 2021, 02:12:15 pm »
Deck coverings for boats

We carry out all the work on the repair and tuning of boats (restoration of the hull, polishing and painting with antifouling, installation of additional equipment), including the installation of special coatings for the deck. There are a lot of options to choose the optimal one, it is necessary to clearly formulate the task that the deck covering should first of all solve. Of course, you can simply put shower mats in the cockpit, but we suggest a more balanced approach to the issue of deck covering. We will help you select and install the deck protection option that best suits your boat. Below is an overview of the most popular coatings.

1. One of the most frequently used coverings is a removable rubber-based carpet fixed to the cockpit floor using buttons. The main advantage is that it can be quickly removed when fishing, or before washing the deck with a hose. The synthetic carpet is easy to clean, protects the deck from scratches and prevents slipping.

2. The second type of carpet is a carpet that is permanently installed on the surface of the cockpit with the help of glue. Gives the interior a cozy, comfortable look, provides a non-slip surface effect. When using carpets of the marine series (Moquettes Venus), the surface is easy to clean, does not rot, and is resistant to sunlight.

3. Another type of permanent deck covering is vinyl.
It has a number of advantages for boats intended for fishing / hunting, easy to clean, wear-resistant, does not absorb dirt, oil, gasoline.

4. For decks with a glossy cockpit surface, a range of anti-slip paints, tapes and films from a variety of manufacturers are used to provide a non-slip surface.
We offer a modern anti-slip from Osculati, the leader in boat accessories.

5. Teak is one of the most prestigious and expensive options. It can be left unpainted or lubricated with a special compound.
Teak has long been used in shipbuilding and is well respected for its exceptional consumer characteristics. It is a dark golden velvety material that is resistant to sunlight, salt water and rainfall. Natural teak does not rot and does not attract insects.

6. An alternative to teak, which is not inferior in appearance, resistance to the external environment and strength, but a more budgetary option is an artificial teak.
This coating is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, machine oil, salt water, does not absorb moisture, is not whimsical to maintain and is easy to clean. Synthetic teak does not slip, and is indistinguishable from natural in color and texture, shock-resistant.

7. The ultramodern non-slip deck covering Sea Dek (USA) will surely add personality to your boat. Available to order in Ukraine.
This self-adhesive material guarantees protection from scratches and chips, completely non-slip, and significantly reduces noise.
Fast and reliable installation, easy maintenance, durability and resistance to aggressive media. A two-color version with a thickness of 6mm with the "BRUSHED" texture is offered for installation. Colors for ordering: STORM GRAY (top) / BLACK (base), BLACK (top) / STORM GRAY (base), MOCHA (top) / BLACK (base).

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