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Cruise to Cash is picking up steam and you need to jump on the train”, says Vaughn Badenhorst.  No company was faster out of the gate than Cruise to Cash when they first launched towards the end of last year.  We are building a team where TEAMWORK is the name of the game, there are no "I’s".  Vaughn Badenhorst just joined the #1 team in Cruise to Cash.  They are leading the train with there unsurpassed hard work and dedication in helping to succeed.

Cruise to Cash is becoming the top leader in the travel business by utilizing the internet to give you the FREEDOM that you have always dreamed about.  Who would not want to spend more time with your spouse, be there for your kids as they are growing up, going to spend time with your family and friends, asks Vaughn.  That is why I joined Cruise to Cash; I wanted to be there more as my four lovely children grow up.  I want to be able to take my wife on the vacations that we have always dreamed about.  With your team, we will be able to do that in a very short time.

It is time to make a change, to live that dream and not just wish.  We are here to help you jump on the Cruise to Cash train before it leaves you behind.  We can give you a fresh start and a better life but only if you want it.  Come join your team.

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