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Get Google Ads FREE Review/Summary
« on: June 02, 2008, 05:52:11 am »
Hello Dear Friends,

                 I saw a post on this forum that said, you can get google ads for free and it dawn on me to know how this is possible cause i spent a lot of money advertising my products through google Adwords.

     So I visited the specific website where I can place the order for this wonderful e-book @

    I bought the e-book with the sum of $67 and printed it out very fast, so as to see what is inside that can make me to have my websites in front of millions through google adwords without paying a dime.

    So, this is what I read in this wonderful e-book and I want to summary it here at so that as many that are interested to get their own copy can know what is inside getgoogleadsfree e-book.

    Here's how the secret works:

  1,  you create a website, and make a doorway page; or lead-capture page, and for any product or service you offer.

  2,  And for all relevant keywords and phrases, you take this total cost and multiply it by 31 days maximum and get a maximum monthly PPC advertising cost.

  3,  you then divide this amount by a possible 10 spots you choose to sell off on this same doorway page you created.

  4,  you then multiply this number by a lower multiplier of 1.25 and upper multiplier of 1.5 to get your lower and upper sell-off ad cost

  5,  you then advertise on that very page using a banner that reads in essence:

      Advertise here to Google's 100 Million daily buyers!
      Your Banner Here Instead of This One! - Now JUST $197

6,  you then sell off all the possible spaces thereby completely offsetting all your advertising! (And Shockingly, you'd be very surprised at just how quickly you can sell these off at just about ant reasonable price you select!)

   Secret Number 2 - Building Relevant Keyword Lists

  I hope if you have been coming to this forum, you don't need me to tell you more about keyword list. Ok

   Just go to Overture, Google and wordtracker and get a lot of keyword that you may need for your online google adwords campaign.

    As for me, i used to get all my relevant keyword lists that I used to make a killing on the internet and you too can try it and you will get to know that it is not all thing you buy on the internet. ok

   Secret Number 3 - cultivate & Nurture your List, I know that many of you will love me for this because this is a powerful strategy.

     1, Place a form on your website offering a FREE Newsletter.
     2, People all over the world will sign-up for your FREE Newsletter and the result will be a database of your own lists. (Most Precious assets!) THEN

     You will be able to:
  1, Encourage people to return to your site!
  2, Direct people to go to other sites where you may have another offer they need!
  3,  Remind people of important specials!
  4,  get people to perform series of tasks!
  5,  Make broadcasts to people of new launches of new offers you just release when you release them!

   Remember, for you capture your visitors name and e-mail, you will have need of autoresponder, and the best one of there are &

   Secret Number 4 - Sell off space in your newsletter
      This is a fantastic source of cash pouring directly into your pocket as everybody online wants to make money; and it seems other web business owners can't resist taking advantage of opportunities to run their ads in other people's lists!

    This is almost a "phenomenal behavior" as because they are in effect your competition and they seek to take some of your list subscribers and make them theirs, they are still nevertheless willing to pay you to do this (and often large sums of money to do so!)

   Secret Number 5 - Sell or rent your lists or lead to other advertisers, and profiting even more.

   remain bless & remember we can all make it for real even in Any part of the world.

    If you are interested to get your own copy of getgoogleadsfree e-book, just send an e-mail to

 Pastor Harry Okoyibo
 CEO, Power Team International

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