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How To Build A Six Figure Income Online!!
« on: April 15, 2008, 11:26:36 pm »
Everyone is looking for the secret wealth formula and a get rich fast scheme online these days. The truth is, building your online business and earning six figures a year from home can be accomplished, but not overnight. Let me remind you, I said "can" be accomplished. Before we go any further in our discussion, let's take the preconceived notion that every business is a scam out of your head and clarify a few things. 95% of businesses fail online due to two simple factors. Number one, the level of your advertising and internet marketing experience and number two, finding a business that offers real value to the end user. If you are able to master these two factors, you will find that anything is possible online.

Becoming a marketing master – There are so many different techniques used today in internet marketing, it's easy to become caught in the next best thing that you lose focus. Right now there are two techniques that are proven to work and one of them is cutting edge that every internet marketer should be doing. The first technique is called, "article marketing" In article marketing, the internet marketer writes informative articles discussing or reviewing a particular product or service. Taking this article, then submitting it to article directories provides content for hungry web masters. In return, when a web master posts an article on their website, it provides a link back to your service or product. Writing an effect article can lead to highly targeted web traffic and potentially a substantial influx of sales.

Your next question may be, "how do I know what to write about?" There are already plenty of pre-written articles on your subject matter. A simple search at will bring up articles related to your keyword search. Using a number of pre-written articles to re-write your own article is a good start. Craig Garcia, the co-founder of EDC Gold, says “As a member of EDC Gold, we have several pre-written articles in a number of niche markets available for use.” “All you have to do is copy and paste them into the 110 article submission hubs in our member’s area”

In addition to article marketing, video marketing is a new and upcoming technique. Google recently bought out youtube, a place where individuals can go and record videos of themselves promoting their business. Recording a simple video introducing who you are and the service or products you have available builds credibility and marks you as an authority in your niche market. Secondly, the Google search engine loves youtube. Posting a video on youtube in the proper categories using the proper keywords in your heading can earn you top positions in the Google search engine.

Both techniques are proven to work and have been working for many internet marketers. Obviously the more you do for each technique stated above will drive more traffic to your business and ultimately put you in a profit building position.
How to Determine if it is a Legitimate Business or Ponzi Scheme?
Ponzi schemes are a type of illegal pyramid scheme named for Charles Ponzi, an Italian immigrant who used technique in New England in the 1920's. Although it was he who is most well known for using this scheme, the concept has been around for a long time.
These types of schemes are quite common and you have probably seen those hundreds of times, perhaps without realizing it. They are often in the form of messages that claim that for a relatively small investment, you can make huge amounts of money. There are many variations, but they all are based on the same concept: the promotion of what starts out to be, or appears to be, a real investment opportunity. Many times it involves the development of a valuable resource such as oil, gas, minerals or real estate. In a lot of cases, the resource does actually exist; however, the promoter has significantly overestimated its how much it is worth. In other cases the resource does not even exist. Either way, the promoter convinces investors that the asset can be further developed if they invest into it. In return, the promoter will share the profits with the investors.

The concept works in the beginning and the initial investors do make the huge returns that they were promised. Because of this they are likely to invest more money and recruit new investors. The money being paid out, however, is not coming from the asset, but in the influx of new investors. For this reason, the only way that the investors will continue to get paid is through the continuous reinvestments or investments from new investors. As soon as investing slows down, people stop getting paid and the scheme begins to collapse. When the scheme collapses, most investors lose their money and have no way to recoup their losses. Although Ponzi schemes can last for a fairly long time before collapsing, legal authorities often break them up before they even get the chance because a Ponzi scheme is suspected and/or because the promoter is selling unregistered securities.

The best way to avoid becoming involved in this type of scheme is to thoroughly research any investment before investing into it. If you see: a reliance on funds from new investors to pay commissions, a need for an inexhaustible supply of new investors, and/or absences of a profitable product or efforts to make profits through productive work; there is a good chance that it is indeed a Ponzi scheme.
One of the best companies on the internet is a company that teaches people how to market on the internet. If you do now know how to market, then now matter what products or services you provide, no one will ever know you are there. So to start with the basics, you need to learn to know how to market on the internet.

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