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$300 per car…How about $1000 per deal!!
« on: April 15, 2008, 11:25:08 pm »
Are you tired of making peanuts while working your butt off to do it? I was too and I have never been so thankful that I was shown something that has changed my life forever.
Are you tired of making the dealership all the money while you get peanuts for making a sale? I sure am and that’s why I am so thankful that I’ve found something better.
If I could show you something that changed my life, would you at least take a look at it? You see, you already have all the skills you need to change your life. I think, you do what you do because that is all you’ve been shown how to do. Right?
If I could show you a way to become an attorney and bill at $300 per hour without having to go to school for 8 years and pass the bar exam, would you look at it? If I could show you a way to become a doctor without going to school for 8 years and having to pass all the medical tests, but come out and make $300k a year, would you look at what I’m talking about? You’d be silly not to…that’s for sure.
You see, I make more money than most doctors and lawyers and I went to school for two years. The funny thing is that I didn’t need to go to school at all for what I am doing. I went to the school of hard knocks. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Shoot, I’ve graduated, gone aback for my second major and even went back for my masters degree at the school of hard knocks. You see, I learn from people in the real world. I learn from people who have shown me how to make real money in the real world. Not from books. Not from taking tests. Sure I’ve spent a lot on my education, but it mostly came from attending training classes, listening to cd’s, reading books and attending seminars from real experts who were doing what I wanted to do. They were the making money that I wanted to make, so I paid attention when they talked, took what I’ve learned and applied to my business that now produces more than 500k a year for me. Now sure, there was a learning curve, sure there was not overnight success, but how long have you been standing on that lot? How long is it going to take you to figure out that you will never get rich from being there. How long is it going to take you to figure out that if you left tomorrow, the dealership would hire someone else and move on without ever skipping a beat that you were gone. You would be a poof of a memory and nobody would care. Even if you only made 100k working only 40 hours a week or less, from the comfort of your own home, I bet the quality of your life would improve.
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