Author Topic: Lose 45 lbs in just 30 days Easily !  (Read 1079 times)

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Lose 45 lbs in just 30 days Easily !
« on: March 09, 2009, 04:22:50 pm »

Hello Friend,

A lady doctor named Dr Suzanne Gudakunst has just release what many are
calling the end of the need for potentially harmful weight-loss drugs and
designer foods made to help you lose weight.

Dr Suzanne's discovery allows anyone regardless of their particular diet to
do "just one simple thing" and instantly start shedding anywhere from 15 lbs
to as much as 200 lbs of unwanted and dangerous fat!

Typical results average 45 lbs in just the first 30 days alone for most
people just starting out using her new secret.

The reason this is so is because her secret (aptly titled: "Top Secret Fat
Loss Secret") operates on an entirely different approach in the battle
against the ever-increasing "bulge."

If you`re in a hurry, just go to:

Dr Suzanne discovered that harmful crusty "plaque" builds up over the years
in all of us - and which is the direct result of harmful chemicals,
preservatives, pesticides, etc. deliberately placed in perhaps every food on
the market (much of which is now suspected as being carefully and
intentionally done so that people will continue to get fatter and thus
sicker, and in order to make the food & drug companies richer!)

The result: This harmful plaque is responsible for your weight gain because
is BLOCKS your body's natural ability to absorb proper nutrition - and which
causes two (2) chief things to occur:

  >>  Your body starves no matter how much you eat - so by not
        feeling satisfied you continue to stuff your face and get very
        very fat (and eventually at the permanent cost of your

  >>  Your body thinks it's starving so your 'hypothalamus'
        adjusts your metabolism to burn food much, much slower in
       an effort to store food - thus making you even more and
        more fatter than even before!

So it makes sense that if and when you REMOVE this unwanted "garbage" from
lacing your 'insides,' you will naturally start dissolving the fat and
"stored chunks of lard" that disfigure an otherwise more attractive and
healthier frame and sexier body.

As if this 'plaque' goop weren't enough, Dr Suzanne identified multitudes of
specific species of "parasites" (i.e., little worm-like "critters" - some
which have 'fangs' but no eyes) living inside nearly 99.964% of all people's
small and large intestines in the United States alone, and about 92.36% of
people on average worldwide.

These parasites excrete (meaning they take a CRAP inside YOU!) a jelly-like
"SLUDGE" they coats your insides and which is very, very harmful and
extremely TOXIC!

Additionally, much like the plaque, they often steal your nutrition which in
turn again causes your body to believe it's starving, and as a defense you
continue even more just to get FATTER and FATTER!

These parasites usually end up dying (but not before laying millions of
eggs!) -- and once they die they fossilize forming a coral-like barrier
preventing your even further from absorbing the correct amounts of proper

When these parasites are FLUSHED from your guts, you end up magically losing
tons of fat and extra weight - and even WITHOUT making one slight change to
your diet or how much you eat!

SHOCKINGLY, these same "little critters (as Dr Suzanne calls them) actually
release chemical "messengers" that make you crave foods that you are not
even supposed to eat at all!

People who get rid of the parasites, therefore, suddenly find that they no
longer even desire the Cheetos, pork rinds, jelly-filled treats, and
10,000's of other equally deadly so-called "foods."

In the past 6 years alone Dr Suzanne has tested her amazing new discovery
and "TOP SECRET Fat Loss Secret" privately with a select group of
volunteers, and seen results that fall nothing short of the truly FANTASTIC!

For instance, a Chicago woman who weighed until recently a whopping 587 lbs
and who had even been visited by a living-legendary diet and fitness guru
(name withheld by request), but who after much direct assistance from him
(the guru) was not able to shed even 1 lb, suddenly dropped 449 lbs from her
body weight in under 5 months using Dr Suzanne's SECRET! -- and she didn't
change or reduce one thing she regularly ate in her diet!

Now the woman weighs just 138 lbs, looks like a completely different woman
altogether -- and as if that weren't enough, she became a swimsuit model for
a well-known company! (But most importantly, this woman added who knows how
many years to her life as a direct result of using Dr Suzanne's "Top Secret
Fat Loss Secret!")

Another equally tearfully-joyous account was of a woman named Lisa Stephens
from Ohio who was told her diabetes could "never" be cured or reversed --
and this by countless doctors.

After shedding over 156 lbs in just 91 days of having used this same amazing
revolutionary breakthrough secret discovered by Dr Suzanne, her diabetes is
gone completely and she no longer depends on insulin just to be able to

These kinds of results are flooding Dr Suzanne's email each and everyday
from all over the world (not just from North America -- which has by far the
fattest population as a group).

And even though you like me recognize these results as both newsworthy and
for the common good of humanity as a whole, there are some who are literally
out to get the good lady doctor.

Recently investigators began carefully keeping an extra protective eye on Dr
Suzanne after she received death threats from "individuals" purportedly
connected to the vast drug empires and weight-loss food manufacturing

It would appear on the face of it that Dr Suzanne's "Top Secret Fat Loss
Secret" must really work, because if it didn't no one would care to bring
her harm.

This would be akin to an inventor discovering how to make a car that runs on
water instead of gas assassinated by the major auto manufacturers!

Investigators insist that the reason she received threats is largely because
what she is doing may actually make people healthier, leaner, sexier and
trimmer, as well as make them live longer fuller lives -- and as a result
they stand to lose lots of money (possibly BILLIONS of dollars!!)

The BEST part of her secret is that it's nothing difficult to do, and it
doesn't require a major change in either your lifestyle or diet.

In fact, "Nature's actually on our side" according to Dr Suzanne, as her
solution to the arduous ills of fat and obesity is simply the ingestion of
Nature's own 'protections' against both the harmful
death-causing/obesity-causing plaque as well as the nasty little critters
living in your bowels!

Anyone with anywhere from just a few extra pounds to those 100 lbs or more
overweight must as a rule now secure for themselves Dr Suzanne's "TOP SECRET
Fat Loss Secret" (and before someone tries to lobby against you ever
discovering what's truly in it!)

I recognize a great thing when I see one -- and THIS SECRET is definitely
the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

We all know that people are just getting fatter and fatter, and more and
more UNHEALTHY - so this is a secret whose time is long overdue.

While many people may tell you to just stick to your diet, exercise to the
point of exhaustion, etc, the naysayers will definitely be disappointed when
they find out that Dr Suzanne's cure to obesity is completely NATURAL!

If you want the good doctor's secret for yourself and so that no one can
ever take it away from you or steal out of your hands, then all you need to
do is grab your own PDF copy here:

But I have to warn you of two (2) things:

1.       Pay processors are already struggling to keep up with orders as
this SECRET is now one of the most sought after things anywhere online! (So
if you put off, don't be surprised to find you can't even place your order,
and may not receive notice as to when order-taking may resume.)

2.       Dr Suzanne in an effort to get people to get off their butts and to
take action for their own good, is making it available at nearly HALF OFF
just for people getting over there TODAY through the next 48 hours only --
after that, the low price now nearly DOUBLES! (So you'd best beat the crowds
over there NOW!)

So if you're wise, and want to grab her secret before something unforeseen
forever prevents you from doing so, then you'd best secure it now at:
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