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Title: ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE -A Safer Alternative to Smoking An Ordinary Cigarette
Post by: zorges on March 29, 2010, 12:52:36 pm
Green Smoke TM is a new nicotine smoking device which provides
a better alternative to cigarettes without thousands of unwanted,
unnecessary chemicals and carcinogens.

With Greensmoke, you are getting the highest vapor volume and the best way
to stay happy and clean while you smoke. Try it for yourself! You won't be

Here are the differences between Green Smoke's advanced 2-piece electronic
cigarette and the 3-piece products that most of the other companies out
there are selling.

* No worries about a dirty, clogged atomizer. Each cartridge comes with a
fresh and clean atomizer built in!
* No worries about drops of liquid nicotine solution or placing small
cartridges inside the filter.
* No worries about smoke volume being affected by a reusable atomizer. No
worries about cleanliness.
* Easy on-the-go maintenance. Just take your cartridges and battery with
you. Just screw in a new cartridge and you are good-to-go.
* With a built-in atomizer, you are ensuring that you will have a fresh
experience every time that produces the most smoke volume in the industry.
Check it out here:

Thank You